Meditation For Moms

“I don’t have time to meditate,” the frazzled mom whines, looking at me with longing, disbelief, and slightly wild eyes.

How to fit meditation into a mom’s life with three kids under 6 and how not to fall asleep?

I love to respond to reader questions that I actually have answers for, even if my response doesn’t quite settle the question. I can only teach from my own experience, and you will only learn from yours. Each of us does the best we can, but if we’re lucky, someone along the dark, bumpy road might share a flashlight so we can find our footing. Here again is the question:

How does a mom with three kids under age 5 fit in time for meditation?
Right away you see the point: a mom with three kids under 5 has no time. This is true. Moms with one kid, two kids, three kids, or any number of kids at nearly any age has no time. Things might be simpler if we accepted, for starters, that the time when you have no time isn’t necessarily the right time to do more. And yet this is precisely the time when, because we are so frustrated, strung out, angry and depressed, we feel as if we should do more. We should be a better mom. We shouldbe more patient. We should find peace. Right out of the gate we might make meditation one more thing to punish ourselves with, one more thing we should do. I like to say that “should” is your enemy. Your only enemy. Send should to his room and take a timeout.  

About that time? You have it.
Am I contradicting myself? You may not have the time to meditate the way you think it should be done, but you have the time. How much time do you need? Far less than you might think.

Meditation can be tremendously beneficial to mothers who are constantly on “high alert” watching over their children and protecting them from harm. Yet, many mothers I have counseled don’t even try meditation because they mistakenly believe they can’t “do it right.”

The good news is: There are many ways that moms can meditate. Meditation can help you renew and restore yourself, preserve your sanity — and be a better mother to your children.

You can teach your little one the thrill of “listening to the quiet” or “listening for God” or “listening for the birds’ songs”.

If it’s difficult to find a consistent time to sit quietly and meditate for 30 minutes a day with no interruptions, a 5-minute walk with your child could be possible. 

A ten-minute meditation just after he goes down for his nap is another possibility.

What is really nuts is not taking care of yourself when the opportunity arises.

How do you keep from falling asleep?
Keep your eyes open.Start your practice by sitting for five minutes. Put your attention on your breath and follow the inhalations and exhalations. Let thoughts come and let them go. If five minutes is too long, make it four. If it’s too short, make it six. Do it every day and your practice will naturally grow.                

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You know that already: everything naturally grows. It starts out small and gets bigger, and before you know it, it takes over your life. For more info  on meditation – < Click  here! >   Good luck.   Till next Time, QCSuperMom


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