Going Pink and hanging w/Shirley Jones

It’s very rare that you will find a blogger so humbled that she would have nothing to say. But that was what I was this weekend. I can not believe how God has blessed me over the years to be in the company of such overwhelmingly awesome group people. .

Here’s one of my b’days wishes:

Not everyone in this world is blessed with an understanding, trustworthy, caring and loving friend. That is exactly why I consider myself so incredibly lucky. A very Happy Birthday to you. Have an amazing day.

While Saturday was my birthday, Thursday was the 7year stamp of my 11 year old daughter’s transition from this life.   Over the years I’ve managed to accept her not with us, but this year was different….it hit me rather HARD.

It seemd like everything was just bursting at the seams.  Because I didn’t want my other kids to see me so vulnerable, I kept them busy all day long till my husband got home. After I sneaked away to my quite place…the bath tub. I got in a good 25 minutes in, till reality mashed “unpause”. It was all I needed though. We went out to dinner and everything was back on track.

Never the less,I knew that I had to find something special to do this year for my birthday to balance out “funk spell!”

Most birthdays are the same for me. I use it as a day of reflection and self check like a yearly job review…Boy was last year a dooozie!  NO regrets though. After all. everything that I am,is a direct reflection of my past, and I it’s all good.

So fast forwarding to Saturday. I attended  NDemand’s  The Love Is So Funny tour. It was totally awesome! Charlene Henderson and her team really know how to put on a safe/secure,classy,shindig for real grown folks. I wore heels -can you believe that?

(My 12 & 13 year old daughters took me shopping with their dads/my husbands money & even dressed me- I had to give them a small plug)

There was live music, live entertainment, food,drinks,cozy atmosphere, great hosts,and did I say Soul singing Shirley Jones from the JOnes Girls was there? She was amazing! Her legs, skin, eyes,smile, and dress- wow! What a beautiful and talented woman! She even brought her teenage daughter with her. How cool was that? She was lip singing her moms songs as she sung….well most of them anyway*.

Also there was comedians Doo Doo Brown and Sean Larkin.  The band and singing duo Epic 92 was amazing I wanted to jump up there and burst a note, but I digressed. Anywhoots it was a great break for me and I got the value of “emotional wellness” back in perspective. I got 4 fours alone. No baby, no husband, no social media, not anything. Just me, myself & I! Nice…… Now I’m heading to bed. We gotta be at Monkey Joes early in the morning. I’m wearing my pink wig to support the dissolution of CANCER. Yes, I’ll post pics later! Till next time- QC Supermom

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