Wednesday Wow: A lovely Day-We have him again

This election was the BEST one EVER for me. Not only did I get to share it with my daughters I wasn’t pregnant! Instead of writing about our fantastic evening at the Election Watch Party, at Dilworth Grille in Charlotte NC..  I’ll do one of the wordless post. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sharing it!

Deanna 13, Cassie 12, Noah 5 months and I arrived at 7:30pm. ( The poles closed at 7:30 as well)

It was catered and hosted by the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party, but we were too hungry to wait for the food to arrive. We ordered our own dinner! Their wings were pretty good! Cassie is now a vegetarian so she just had veggies and pastries.The girls are currently homeschooled. This election made for a PERFECT lesson on politics. They got busy right away interviewing and engaging. There’s Brigette Mack from our local news.

That’s Jennifer Roberts! She had her family there also. My girls ask her 3 questions. One of which was what was she like at 12 /13 yers old- she answered a book owrm. Cassie smiled at that one becasue the is where she is right now. She’s always in a e-book!

By now, I’m thinking bringing them was a great decision! They could not be in a better place than her watching history unfold! Good luck on the next run Jen! Thank you for your time with my girls!

FOX News got a bit of them too. They are too proud of themselves!

As the night progressed, we met even more people! Vilma Leake is Velma Leake. Such an intrestimg woman she is. She is a retired teacher  from Independence High. She’s known as a great woman who reminded her students every Friday to “go to church on Sunday” and “watch 60 minutes”. She had a son that past a few years ago. Last night she secured her District 2 seat (she had no competition:))

Everyonce in a while I was able to peek at my girls. I wanted them to mingle but not get into anyones way.
Afterall, they are still very young! So back to the dinner/seats they returned! Waiting for them were steady cheers with each state conquered.

Can you sense the excitment?

Another one of my mom’s from the sahm group was there with her family. “Chance & “Max” were getting a bit tired as the night progressed. Then they ANNOUNCED THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! hot diggetty dog! It was on! Hugs , Yells & dancing was allover the place! (My favorite is here!)

-A Lovely Day by Bill Withers   Everyone was so happy! history was was made & I shared it with my daughters!

O V E R J O Y E D !                   E X C I T E D !        R E J U V I N A T E D!       E M P O W E R E D !

The energy in that place was unbeleiveable! No colors, no profiling, no bickering…….just joy!


I trust my President, but believe in God. To me it didn’t matter who won. I was just happy to share it with my daughters.  This year my son was able to vote and guess what, he too was concerned about the economy, health care and education. The availability of scholarships for his siblings were reasons he did an absentee ballot.  Other wise, he said that he wouldn’t have taken the time. Ok, I’ll take that………he still voted & I’m happy that he took the time to think about the issues and to make a move where it counts.

Although California didn’t choost to protect their food with GMO labeling. I’m satisfied with the results of this 2012 election.  Now…….time to PARTY UPSTAIRS with WGIV’s K-Fox!

As a mom, my job is tireless work.  Yet I’ll remain  inspired. Life moves so fast, and it’s easy to get swept up in the next issue, the next problem, the next step in life.  Right now it’s time to regain focus. You can do it!

Let’s get busy! There so much work to do!- QC Supermom

Here’s a couple more pictures from  the election party

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They say our nation is a mess. Why would the be?

(FYI- I used JA to help in my girls lesson plan last month about money, try it on your kids)


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