The Review of The Rise Of The Guardians

A movie themed play date, how cute!

Last week we had the best play date. Instead of making color with food items and then create works of art with our hands, we explored The Rise of the Guardians.

We gathered 12 of our most creative kids and turned them loose with crayons, pencils, coloring sheets and tattoos. Guess what? They loved it! We threw in a couple of trailors from the movie. 

Our goal was to get them familiar with the characters before actually watching the upcoming screening. Once we got to the movies it proved to work as we planned! They stayed on the edge of their seats, following the scenes zap by zap and hope by hope. It was funny to see how tight a few of the 2 year olds were holding their toy elves.

Not only did they recognize each character in this epic 3D movie, but even the more fierce parts were less intimidating for them because they already knew the good guys from the bad ones.

Parents view: 

We parents loved the music, the message of self-discovery, common day relevance, and even the music was exciting! This is not your regular 3D movie. It’s a wonderful film for our children, teaching them that positive thought and cheerfulness gets you . Every moment was beautiful to look at and you get lost in the saga of Jack Frost, Father Christmas, The Sandman, Easter Bunny and The tooth fairy. If you are like us,you will feel happy that these characters actually exist for your little ones. You will be taken into caves, window tops, fighting a greyhound and painting eggs, collecting teeth etc. Yes, a must see it is! 

Teens View:

Santa was cool! We’ve never seen an Easter Bunny like that before and the Tooth Fairy, she was beautiful.Seems like I’ve seen Jack Frost before. He was a regular guy with super powers-coooool! Bottom line, nothing beats a great 3D movie with awesome characters!

See our V-log

 On November 21st, be sure to go see it after your Thanksgiving dinner!  Till next time- QC Supermom

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