We love Monkey Joes!

Amen LOVES Monkey Joe’s!  He should be their spokes person! Go ahead & strat making the call into their head quarters! 🙂GE DIGITAL CAMERA

That says alot for a lil fella that used to go crazy if I’m not with in eye shot of him. Monkey Joes help get him past that stage. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

Now, the minute we step into the play area, he is GONE! And I don’t  worry the least bit about him, here’s why?

1.  They tag each person upon entry. They can’t leave without me, and no one can take him. As attached as my lil Amen is, I wasn’t ever too worried about anyone taking him.

2. The staff ROCKS! They really like their job!!! What more can you ask for????? They will jump in a play with your lil one at the drop of a dime. On a higher level, they are very community connected. They arealways looking for ways to support charities and children!

3.  Monkey Joes is Super-De Duper  clean & safe. Hand sanitizing pods are all through there. The bathrooms have lowered toliet bowels and steps to help lil ones reach the sinks.  Every few minutes comes a pin stripped friend with a broom & stick tray to pick up behind the lil crumb droppers.

4. They always have something going on. Right now they are offering Name Your Price Monday. So here’s what that means. You can take your children. I took all 6 of mine. Think of what you can afford per child*. I  paid $3/child. Then enjoy yourself. We usually stay for 4 hours.  It helps get all of the play out of them. I love it!

Now that it’s cooler out, I plan on hanging out there EVERY Monday! Just can’t beat that with a stick! Well till next time; take care! – QC Supermom

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