Friday Four:Madison Saints Paradise South

I love senior citizens! They have so many treasures to share that only someone that has been here longer than I have can only know. Madison1

My most favorite thing is having my children serve them.  Doing so has so many benefits. First off they get to see another phase in life. Aging is a beautiful thing. I want them to see that. I also appreciate the  history they have within. There are things that will never be placed in books that took place.

I grew up with my grandmom just a few miles away. Things she did with us, I’ll never forget. Madison4Even when she was on her way to glory I learned from her. I became the helper and she the receiver. At first I didn’t like the new position, but as I got older, way after she passed, I realised how fortunate I was to have her to teach me how to knit, mix herbs, treat the Earth, and even smile for no reason. In the south, we had to work in tmy grand parents garden, to collect our fresh veggies for our house. (Only now in hindsight am I gratful for those life lessons)! Madison3

Today my kids have it so easy! When we go out to visit our wise friends at the nursing home, all the have to do is bring them goodies, serve them, entertain them, and everyonce in a while play games with them. It’s not much, but it’s certainly done from the heart. We love our mature friends. If you don’t have one or two in your phone’s contact list. Do yourself a favor and make a wise friend today! ……..Enjoy these 4 pictures.



Till Next time, QC Supermom

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