Friday Four: The Parental Guidance Review

“Not Today Sir” that’s my 6 year olds favorite part in the movie. We went to see PARENTAL GUAIDANCE last night and loved it!

Well most of us. pg

It seems that my daughters best part was when Carl’s “friend” got ran over by the massively apologetic asian man.

I was super suprised to hear my college son pick up on the color words used after the spympony scene by the grandfather/ VooDoo Man. I didn’t even know what colorful words meant. They are still tryng to explain it to me.  My college son also thought that the parents were to soft and bland on the kids. “Come on mom, the black eye will go down. He should get that bully again!”he added.

I will say this, all of them agreed that the were the best grandparents ever!   It was great to see a mom that reminded me of myself. I loved the grandmom, Diane. She encouraged her daughter to be a wife.  When she got snazzy with the red haired music teacher with the strong accent, for yelling at her granddaughter. Artie, the grandfather was adorable. I could relate to him as well. He kept it simple, as you’ll see even in the sence where he covers the toilet seat with tissue before his grandson sits for a song and plop.

Anything he starts, you can finish-believe in yourself.”- Artie, the Grandfather   pg1

Here’s my 4 tips to consider when you go watch it on Christmas day.

1.  Take a family member that  needs a positive, funny, how-to rebuilding kit.  This movie was great in identifying the family weaknesses in a comical way and rebuilding. To me it said…..It’s never too late! In the movie it was reassuring to see that the problems the father and daughter had were repaired and proved to be a stronger latter than prior.

2. If you ever attend an event where Tony Hawk is attending never allow your lil ones to urinate on the rink. It will be on the news.

3. Listen to the gentle, short parenting tips well placed in the  different  scenes. From Say No more often to the proclainmation that there is such thing as a perfect parent.

4. Find out about sensible eating and exerciseing in the movie. This family showed how to play “Kick the Can”,  Yogurt is not like Ice Cream and that  tofu dogs isn’t just for humans.

Friends, make sure you go andwatch it on Christmas Day. It’s a wonderful and funny family bonding movie. Well till next time- QC Supermom


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