Wednesday Wow!:Being mindful about your tax refund.

irsMoms aren’t easy! We aren’t. Recent polling finds mothers are making careful spending a part of their long-term routine as they shun inessential purchases. With the IRS official opening tax filing season yesterday, now is not the time to stop.

If you’re expecting a tax refund this year, you need a good plan for your money. Maybe you already have the funds earmarked for some spending, but before you let your tax refund burn a hole in your purse, remember that as mindful spending moms our money has to work harder and longer. There are many ways to do this. I’m sure that you have a couple of ideas, here’s mine.

  • Not get one at all – The money you loan the government interest-free, could be earning you interest somewhere else.
  • Build your emergency fund – Hint: Imagine you had 6 months of expenses saved up. Now imagine the economy tanking even more.
  • Grow your nest egg for retirement – Taking your retirement in your own hands instead of relying on social insecurity will make you look like a genius!
  • Use it to pay 100% down on a reliable used car…if you need one – Buying a good used car can save you lots of money in terms of depreciation and interest. Even more if you are fortunate enough to have mechanical skills.
  • Give it to someone in need – If your financial situation is solid, why not give it to someone who is struggling? After all, you didn’t miss it all year long.
  • Use it to help fund your kids college – Soon yours kids will be going to college before you know it. Wouldn’t it be nice to bless them with a nice education without the debt that usually comes with it? I’m STILL paying Johnson and Wales University. 😦
  • Use it to pay down your mortgage – If you have no debt, except for your mortgage, imagine how nice it would be to owe NO ONE!! Your income is COMPLETELY yours! What a feeling!
  • Donate a portion of it to Queen City Sahm’s :D– Okay so maybe this isn’t the smartest, per se, but changing lives a dollar at a time is definitely a lot of fun! We support motherhood with progressive events, educational opportunities and supportive resources. I can’t think of any other mom support group that offer more support to moms that want to breast feed, holistically educate their children, learn how to eat to live, budget, job training (creation and sharing) provide emotional support and so much more! For most stay at home moms Queen City Stay At Home Mom’s is their motherhood stabilizer. Use this link!
  • Last but not least  DON’T DO WHAT Krystle Marie Reyes did.

moneyThis year, there are some purchases that we must make. First up is a new mattress for my room- our last one lasted 10 years. A laptop, for my home schooled children, a family gym membership- we need it badly! And yeah, we’ll take a mini vacation. We haven’t had one in two years. The rest of it will go into savings.How will you spend your tax refund? What did I leave off up there? Be sure to click he links above, leave a message below or tweet me on it! mp Click here!


Till, next time, QC Supermom

Meditation For Moms


Mindcation are for all moms!!!!

Mothers everywhere share a common obstacle- finding time for themselves to relax. More often than not, we don’t get a daily stress-free break so we improvise and take so-called “breaks” whenever we can sneak one.

I learned to make the most of my daily routines and find my happy place in the least obvious places.

As much as the kids and I are on the go, doing so is a must. How do I do it. I MAKE time for mindcations! You should try it. It doesn’t take much time. The only rule is -no kids allowed. Meditation is the process of letting your thoughts go or letting your thoughts float around without substance so you can think about nothing if that works for you. Ideally, meditation is done without interruptions, but you’re a mom now, so interruptions are just part of life. Mindcations/ meditations are possible for any mom! No matter how busy you are. I have a menu of mindcation options. Maybe one will work for you.


WASH! Think about it. Who doesn’t feel better after a shower? Exercise is good too. Better yet, go to a gym, it’s guilt free time well spent away from kids. I’m not scaring you yet am I? Sleeping…. we may not get much sleep, but you can add to the quality by purchasing a meditation CD or a CD containing relaxing music or soothing rhythms/nature sounds, and my best way to have a mindcation is with comforting smells.What works for you? meee

Friday Four: 4 Things Not to say to a SAHM in 2013


Stay-at-home parenting is harder than I thought. Maybe it’s the fact that my child was colicky for the first six months of his life, and that even at eight months old, he—and, consequently, I—have yet to sleep through the night. Maybe it’s my own fault for setting unrealistic expectations for what sort of stay-at-home mom I would be: the kind who preserves her own produce, makes her own laundry soap, and still has time to put on makeup every morning.


Bye-bye pearls and casseroles— “We are still reminded of the mom in the 1950s, Mrs. June Cleaver. The face of the stay-at-home mom has changed since the days of June Cleaver. Today’s Stay-at-Home Mom is sexy, nurturing, resourceful, fun, innovative and creative!

Forget everything you’ve heard about stay-at-home moms. A new generation is starting their own businesses, learning through educated play dates, and enjoying opportunities to help others all while enjoying motherhood.

1. Girl, I couldn’t do it! All them kids, whew! 
I surround myself with friends people like myself.When someone asks me what I do, I tell them I stay home with my children and I’m not in the least ashamed or embarrassed. I have learned that most people who don’t think much of stay-at-home moms (SAHM) don’t know what’s involved and how much a family benefits and appreciates what we do. I am raising healthy,loving, productive, beautiful and well educated citizens.kokok

2. Let’s go to the thrift store, it’s cheap. You can afford that it. 
Uurk! Hit the brakes! Sure, but let’s swing by the bank first. Being a great stay at home moms includes being resourceful. It’s not what we bring in, it’s more about how we spend it. I make most of my cleaners, crafts, birthday cakes, curtains,and gardening. But I also shop at the farmers markets, Micheals, Earth Fare, Forever 21, and other great value stores we choose. I personally prefer to wear clothes we have designed than to pay someone to market their design.Shopping the way we do has allowed us to keep our bills paid, have an emergency AND big ticket savings. So sure, let go, I’ve got my stash of coupons intow!.

3. You must never get time to yourself.

I don’t get nearly as much girl talk as I used to, but I know, as my children get older and more independent, there will be more time for me. As for keeping working girlfriends close – live your life, care for your family, and if these old friends want to keep in touch they will. You can offer a meeting, but don’t be surprised when you see less and less of most working friends. Just remember that the true friendships will last. Also I enjoy my stay at home moms group, Queen City SAHM’s, it’s a two’fer, a friendly outlet for myself and playtime for the kids. We go many places together, Usually we have my oldest. daughter keep the kids for a small fee.


4. Can’t find a job huh? While that maybe true for some. Personally, I consider day care to be neglect and child abandonment.  There has been sufficient research over the years demonstrating the negative impact of day care on children. I decided to stay at home after our second daughter was born. My husband work and the hours from my job were just awful. I love that I get to stay at home and I can still use my two Johnson and Wales University degrees working as a product reviewer, blogger and cooking with with kids class instructor. Staying at home is so much more work than my job ever was but I wouldn’t change it for anything, even if I have to scrub that my sons walls my 3yo has marked up 4 times every day.

Having your infant or toddler at home being cared for by either a loving parent or grandparent is the ideal.  Whether that’s possible for you or not, it’s still the ideal.Till next time, QC Supermom.

koko clown


Wednesday Wow: When kids run the booth!

This by far was one of the best hands on home school lessons ever! I was invited to one of our most favorite places to eat in the QC’s Wellness Day. I figured it would be a great opportunity to quiz the kids on skills we have been grooming them on. I shared the plan with the kids and took the back seat. Like any back seat, I remained with in arms reach, yet observing them a distance.

I helped them select the theme. I bought the ingredients, and drove them safely to Earth-Fare Huntersville. Then my job was over. I sat back and watched my children become leaders, teachers, scientists, and engaging friends.ef At EarthFare’s Wellness Day.

They made edible play dough, and colored it with amazing fruit with local shoppers both tall and short!

It was a great day to share with the kids. I graded them too. Here’s what I expected to see from them. They were to show in store patrons:






1. Nature provides fruits and veggies with the most beautiful, safest and  most perfect color.

2. Oatmeal play dough is FUN to play with,soft to the touch, toxin free and easy to make.

3.  Help parents & kids explore fruits and vegetables in a fun way.

4. Lead shoppers to affordable products in the store.ef0

So how did they do? Well let’s see, they cleared the entire section of baby food in the pouch and the fresh blueberries were flying off the shelf. Additionally, they learned about merchandising, sales, budgeting,and most of all crowd management. Pretty good for  bunch of home schooled knuckleheads huh? I guess they deserve their family night out at the circus next week. Wanna see more pictures? Click Here!

Oat Meal Play Dough Recipe ef2

Mix: 1 part Oatmeal, 1 part water and 2 part All purpose flour in a bowl.

Color with: boiled spinach,fresh  berries, turmeric and mangoes. The items made from this play dough recipe can be painted when they are dry.*

Knead with your hands and enjoy!  If the dough is a little too dry, add a touch more water.  If it’s too wet, add a bit more flour.OR purchase the baby fruit in the pouches. Like the Happy Family or Plum brand. This weeks’s Give A way is.- – – – – drum roll please! A gift basket from the wellness department at Earth Fare. To enter, leave a comment. Tell me if you have set up your Tomato Bank yet. One random person will be selected & pick up will be at EarthFare during Family Night. (February 7th -Thursday from 4p-8pm)  Simple right?

Till next time, QC Supermomef1

Moms and Moms 2B-Girls Night Out

“Can you play this fast hand-slapping game with me? My friend taught it to me today at school.”…….uugh, not tonight sweetie!

I kissed my husband, pat the lil fella’s on the top of their tiny heads, jumped in my pumps and ran for the door with my keys in hand! No babies tonight; it’s  MOM’S NIGHT OUT!!!


Talk about a flashback to my pre baby days…Indulges, inspiration, galore! Ever since becoming a mom,my social calendar has been more play dates than date nights and girls’ night so this was a must attend for me and a few of my other stay at home mom friends near and far.hype0

Here’s what not to do at a Girls Night Out!

Think about the kiddos. If you have secured a sitter , chances are you can trust them for the 4 hours that you’ll be away. So relax and enjoy yourself.

Dress up! After all it’s Girls Night Out. Be cute and comfortable. I took a shower, wore heels and put on lip gloss. That was enough for me, but yeah, get gorgeous for yourself.

Do not leave your swag bag! They have the best samples and information in them. Not only will you find a new product to fall in love with; if you’re lucky you’ll meet the creator of it as well.gno7

Bring something other than your deserving self*. If it’s at a friends house,bring wine. If its at a bar/restaurant, bring flowers for the table. If it’s at a grocery store*, i. e. The Baby Grocery Store, bring your coupons and a lil cash & buy something to say thank you! hype

The food, services, environment was so wonderful. We even had wine. It was in the meatballs, but delicious no less! Sure it was mom friendly but it was lady friendly as well; clean, spacious, bright, and easy on the eyes.

Wiping runny noses, kissing scraped knees, reading bedtime stories, folding stacks of laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving carpool, scrubbing children, changing diapers, listening… the work of a mother requires boundless energy. As much as we all adore our children and love being gno10moms, we all realize that motherhood is a full time job and once in a while, we need to refresh and refuel our energy tanks. When you are use to taking care of others, a GNO is the ticket! I had a great time!

Here are a few pictures from our night! Here’s a video-click here! gno2

Our Swag Bags were fantastic! Inside were great information on some the best motherhood supporters ever. Here are just A FEW of the amazing goodies I got!

Cynthia  Hill, Happy Baby Happy Family- 2 of my boys are fighting over the pouches! They love them.hype1

Jenifer Pliska, Sugar Bear SkinCare – I can’t wait to try them on my 7 month old skin, and mines!

Mini Me Spa! The massage therapist was dreamy. I didn’t want to leave the table. I held on to her business card so hard I’ve lost it.  (The Baby )But if you do need a great moms Night Out as I like to call it. Do it!

“Mom’s Night Out is my silent pledge to remember who I am. I am a mother, of course, but I’m also a woman who desperately needs to enjoy life. A few hours with my girlfriends helps me realize I haven’t lost…me.”- QC SuperMom

Friday Four: Big Families ROCK

You have 9 kids? “You sure have your hands full.”

advice from a tree

I use to hear that all of the time. In this day and age, having a large family is often equated with either irresponsibility or a lack of concern for the environment–both of which are nowhere near the truth.  Having a large family also seems to invite comments…not all of them kind or even rational.  The rude comment of, “Don’t you have a t.v. or a hobby? makes me want to makes my husband nod and smile.

Some people just don’t have a clue how blessed we are.

 And then they follow it up with, 

“But you sure look like you all have loads of fun!”      

Well, yes, we sure do. You wouldn’t believe how much fun we have together. So, without further ado, I bring you my top four reasons large families rock:

  1. When my husband and I get in our decline….we don’t have to be concerned about senior living centers.
  2. We can build our own community. A baker, a builder, a seamstress, a business manager, a mechanic, etc,. Of course they can be whatever they wish as long as it’s productive.
  3. Forever Young! These darlings keep us laughing, active and wanting to be positive role models.hd6
  4. We understand the concept of God better. Yes, No, Wait, You think you grown, I’ll teach you””, Your hard work wasn’t in vain……all the ways we interact with our children seems so  bro usparallel to how God parents us.

Here’s a bonus: Psychologically, growing up in a family of three or more children contributes to a more well-rounded personality.  Having siblings helps an individual to develop social skills early in childhood.  Through proper parental guidance, children growing up with siblings can learn such virtues as generosity, self-sacrifice, and thoughtfulness. “If I ever find anything in life that I enjoy as much as my children, I will have a lot of that as well.”- QC Supermom


Today’s Mantra

“Our misguided values in our culture are principally evident in our loss of appreciation for children. But he who loves children loves innocence, loves playfulness and remains forever young.”

Till next time, Have a dozen joys, QC Supermom

Bonus Keeper: 30 Rainy Day Entertainment ideas for the kids

How to Survive a Rainy Day with Children:

What kid likes rainy days? Mine do! Take a look at these incredible ideas!

negative lamps

This collection is ever lasting. It’s great for the very young to the older ones. A real keeper.  which will you try?

Binocular Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of outdoor things you can see from various windows, using—surprise— binoculars. Be sure to vary the items from the teeny-tiny (say, a broken but beautiful bit of

plant in glass green glass) to the exceptionally large (say, an oak tree in the shape of a jolly giant), as well as from the very far to the very near. The first child who checks off every item on the list as “spotted” gets a prize. Our favorite reward: freedom from sharing toys for 15 minutes.

Create an Art Gallery

Take a cue from The Style Files, and put the kids’ original artwork on display. If you have an excessive amount of old paintings and drawings, then use this as an opportunity to have them sort through and organize the keepers vs. those that they (and you!) can do without.

Shoot Your Own Movie

There are really only three acceptable plots: robbers, ghosts or Daddy slipping on a banana peel.

Play Hide and Seek

There’s nothing more classic than a game of hide and seek, but playing in the great indoors is much less stressful on Mom and Dad (fewer places to hide!). It also helps young tots learn the concept of object permanence. We recommend getting in on the action and hiding yourself. You’ll love seeing the smile on your kids’ faces when they find you! Button-Jewelry

Build Your Own Terrarium

A glass vessel, some sand, some dirt, and a few plants make a fun rainy-day project that will last long after the sun comes out. For simple, step-by-step instructions, click here.

Bake a Rainbow Cake

With a little effort and a lot of food coloring, whip up a masterpiece worthy of Betty Crocker.

Make a Ruffle Cake

Ruffle cakes are not only extremely beautiful, but they’re also surprisingly easy to make. Watch atutorial here, and then let older kids practice their cake-decorating skills!

Write Letters to Relatives

Whether they’re states away or right down the block, what relative doesn’t appreciate a letter from their favorite little one? Set them up to practice the lost art of letter writing with stationary or construction paper and crayons.


Have Fun With a Cardboard Box

They say tots love the box a toy comes in more than the toy itself. Pull one out on a rainy day and watch a child’s imagination come alive. Convert the box into acostume, transform it into a vehicle, or use it as a fort for some great indoor play.

Family Fashion Show

Each person in the family draws the name of another out of a hat. Everybody dresses up

in the clothes and accessories of the person they picked, then saunters down the catwalk, posing wildly, while Mom takes pictures with the camera set to flash. Added fun: Include the family pets…unless Grandmother is involved. Grandma does not swap clothes with the dog. Grandma does not wear a leash.

Magic Sack do

Have the kids decorate a magic paper bag. Put seven or eight books into the bag. Draw one book out slowly, slowly, slowly and—presto!—the kids will instantly want to read that book. You’ll never understand why, and they’ll never be able to tell you why. Nevertheless, the miracle will repeat itself until all the books are read.

Create Kid-Friendly Pizza Bagels

Making your own dough can be daunting, but grab a couple bagels, slice them up, and let your kids add their own toppings. If you want to get really creative, then make these adorable pepper, tomato, olive, and pepperoni critters from Betty Crocker! Who knew

eating pizza could be even more fun?

Source: Betty Crocker

Have a Classic Game Marathon

Put away the video-game controllers and go old-school with classic kids’ games like Candy Land, Twister, Chutes and Ladders, and Operation. They might not be as high tech as the PlayStation or Wii, but there’s a reason companies have been making them for decades.Get-Active

Sort Through Old Toys and Plan a Garage Sale

Use the promise of an upcoming garage sale as motivation to get the kids to sort through

their old toys. Have them propose prices for each of the items they’re giving up, and discuss what you’ll do with the (eventual) profits. You may want to consider making a donation to a charity of the kids’ choice to make the project especially meaningful.

Create Your Own Personalized Decoupage

This fun, original decoupage activity is an easy way to bring all the kids together on one project! Simple and quick, it’s an easy way for them to create some new decor while spending some quality time with you.

Blast Off! 9

Let your little one’s inner moon man come out by building a DIY rocket-fueled jet pack from cardboard, two-liter bottles, felt, and straps! Practice for takeoff with some indoor flying until sunny skies return.

Spa Day

Break out the nail polish for at-home mani/pedis. To create an extra-authentic spa environment, have everyone wear bathrobes, cut up some cucumbers to soothe the “clients'” weary eyes, and turn on some New Age tunes.

fullMake Your Own Pompoms

If you have a budding cheerleader on your hands, then use layers of tissue paper wrapped around dowels to create your very own rah rah-ready poms!

Make Your Own Ice Cream

The kids will all be screaming for ice cream with this easy recipe — best of all, no ice cream machine is required, just a few active hands!

Hanging Crayon Hearts

These translucent hanging crayon hearts, made from waxed paper and crayon shavings, can cheer up a room in your home.


Get Active

Crafting isn’t only sedentary. Pull out those empty cans and create something that gets kids moving like these elephant feet. If you have several cans stored up, get multiple kids on their feet and have elephant races across the room!

Make Noodle Necklaces

Create a dye solution with food coloring and rubbing alcohol, and then transform ordinary pasta into a rainbow of shades. String the noodles on a piece of yarn or ribbon to create a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet.

Newpaper Forts

Forget the traditional blanket and pillow fort and followAll For the 

Boys instructions for these fun and eco-friendly hideaways.

Write Letters to People You Admire

flat stanley

Brainstorm favorite politicians, athletes, or any other role models that your kids might have, and embark upon a letter-writing project. Who knows? It could end with your kiddos

Make a Fingerprint Family Tree
scoring an invitation to the White House!

Use an ink pad and kiddie thumbs to create afingerprint family tree. It’s a great way to teach your lil ones about their family history.

Have a Tea Party

Every little girl loves a tea party, so gather up the stuffed-animal guests (and maybe this eco-friendlytea set from Land of Nod) and start brewing. The addition of cakes, tea sandwiches, and British accents is optional but recommended.

 Finger Paint

Get messy with finger paint — no explanation required! Make-Your-Own-Play-Dough

Croon to Karaoke

If you have a karaoke machine or your cable provider offers a karaoke channel (it sounds silly, but many of them do — pay your “On Demand” section a visit and check), then unleash your inner rock stars and start singing!

Give Play Dough a Makeover

Who needs plain old play dough, when you can make your own Sand Dough. The easy to make recipe is made for lil helping hands!

Make a Sock Monkey

Everybody loves sock monkeys—even the parent who supervises making them. Why? A sock monkey doesn’t really look like a monkey. So, should you lack sewing skills and end up with a sock monster, nobody gets frustrated, flings themselves on the ground and turns into a child monster.

All-Room Obstacle Course

Jump off the bed. Roll across the room. Crawl under the table. Run upstairs. Hide under the armchair for 30 seconds. Stick your head in the fridge and smell the milk. Skip around the dining room table three times. Then, the long, hard, do-or-die dash to the finish: Lie down on your bed for 20 minutes. Without moving one muscle.

Marble Racetrack

It’s one thing to race cars around the house, but it’s another to race marbles. This fun activity involves little more than a cut pool noodle (follow My HomeSpun Threads’s instructions and a marble!

Create an Indoor Herb Garden

While you probably want to mount the herbs with the help of another adult, your kids will love getting their hands dirty to help you plant herbs in mason jars. It’s a great way to add fresh flavors to your family dishes all year round!

Make No-Bake Granola Barsno-bake-granola-bars-32

Kids can help stir, measure, mix, and press theseno-bake granola bars into shape. Just pop the yummy, chewy bars — full of toasted oats, nuts, coconut, raisins, cinnamon, and molasses — into the fridge for a bit to let them set, and you’ll be snacking healthfully in no time.

Make Wooden Block Prints

Try a new use for all of the blocks in your home with this wooden block print that’s as simple as collecting a few of your toddler’s wooden blocks and adding some paint.

Build a Fort or Tent

For some good, old-fashioned fun, hit the linen closet and construct a fort or tent with sheets and pillows. The process of creating the hideaway is only the beginning; as once they’re done with the hard work, playtime can begin!

Make Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks shaved-ice-glow-stick-430x286

If you still have some glow sticks hanging around from Halloween, then pull them out, along with a few paper and clear plastic cups, and in no time, you’ll have glow-in-the-dark drinks (get a full tutorial here), best consumed with the shades drawn and lights out!

Source: Giver’s Log

Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint  – And Use It

Chalkboard paint’s expensive, but this easy recipe for homemade chalkboard paint and fu

n craft to do with it, is the perfect indoor activity.

Search For Buried Treasure

Create a treasure map, and hide some special prizes around the house — scavenger-hunt style. Spray paint spare change to make it look like gold coins, or use candy prizes.

Source: Flickr user Unskinny Boppy

Make Some Goop

No, we’re not talking about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s site, but some slimy, silly concoction that only requires three ingredients.

Pull Out the Puzzles

puzlPuzzles are great for brain development, but be sure to pick one that’s age-appropriate. This vintage Superman option should appeal to kids ages 3 and up.

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Combine Science and Crafting

Here’s a project that’s perfect for your lil science geek. Even if your child doesn’t care for the flavor of mushrooms, he’ll totally be a fan of this fungi afterdoing this crafty experiment.

Create a Bubble Wrap Print

The next time you get a Bubble-wrapped item in the mail, don’t toss that wrapper. Along with being a fun way to encourage fine motor skills by popping those itty-bitty plastic bubbles, your lil one can use it for creating a really cool painting.

saCreate a Piece of Sand Art

Turn a glue bottle into a drawing tool with this funsand painting craft. Between squeezing the glue and focusing on pinching and sprinkling the sand, this art activity is perfect for honing fine motor skills and boosting hand-eye coordination in kids!

Button Jewelry

A button necklace or bracelet is easy to make, inexpensive and super fun! Have the tots help you sort, pick and thread the buttons.

Source: Yellow Blackbird

Tear Up Some Paper, And Then Do Something With It

If you’ve got a tot who’s not thrilled about getting crafty, this torn paper collage craft will

ctMake Life-Size Paper Dolls have his fingers excited about creating.

Forget little dress up paper dolls that can easily be lost after use, go big with life-sized versions that your tot can play with day-after-day.

Create Art For Grandparents

Nothing will make Grandma and Grandpa happier than receiving a package with your child’s original artwork! Ship paper pieces (signed by the artist, of course) in mailing tubes

. Or work that technology again and transfer a piece to a postcard, magnet, note card  or mug. These days, the art-sharing and gift-giving possibilities are endless!

Make No-Bake Cookies

“Baking” doesn’t get easier or faster than no-bake cookies, and these chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal versions from Brown Eyed Baker look simply divine. The only ingredients are butter, sugar, milk, cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and quick-cooking oats. Thirty minutes from start to the in-your-mouth finish!

Source: Brown Eyed Bakerh

My families favorites:

Here’s one Deada doing tonight after dinner- click to see i

Cassie’s trying this pom-pom idea and these Crayon Hearts

Eaim will do this simple science project!

With Amen, & Tehun, I’ll make dough and paint with them. Try one of these today & share the fun indoors while recycling, reducing and reusing!

nut mom

As a mom, you must be able to think outside of the box, save money and look for learning or bonding moments. The suggestions listed are all afordable and simple to do. Go ahead and pick a few. Come back & share what you’ve done. I want to know! Till next time, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow! Win tickets to see DRAGONS!(RBBB)


dragonssI am so excited to announce that we have a (4) pack ticket give away for a lucky family to attend the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents Dragons performance on Thursday, January 31st at 7pm. This is a great opportunity to bring your family for some circus fun in Charlotte and enjoy this mystical show.

My favorite part of the Circus, in addition to the elephants, is the All Access Preshow. One hour before the show, ticket holders are invited to a FREE preshow. Go down on the floor, try on real costumes, clown around with the clowns and get your picture taken, view acts and animals up close. (click on that picture of the elephants to watch a clip!)dragons

To avoid crowds, get there as soon as they’ll allow you in. The ring closest to backstage is generally where they bring the animals and the elephants. It’s also the most crowded, so if you don’t care about seeing animals, go to the other rings. If all you want is to get close to an elephant, get there early and stake out your spot.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® is proud to present DRAGONS!

For the first time in circus history, myth and majesty will share the arena during this must-see family event that can only be witnessed at The Greatest Show On Earth®! 

Experience circus spectacles so incredible that once again you will believe in the unbelievable! Dragon tribes from the far reaches of the earth are brought together in a single performance, displaying their breathtaking skills in a circus tournament of champions. Each tribe must prove that they have virtues of Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Heart to arouse dragons which appear right before your very eyes! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime family event when The Greatest Show On Earth brings the world together… to bring your family together! There’s no better way to enjoy quality time with your family at a live show! 🙂

Now, here’s how to get those Dragon tickets, follow these simple instructions:


1. Leave an answer here. Answer true or false to the following.

  1. Elephants respond to some 60 verbal commands, as well as recognize human and animal friends after years of separation.
  2. 22 calves have been born at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation®with more on the way.
  3. The Asian elephant has been on the endangered species list for 32 years.
  4. A female elephant is pregnant for 24 months.
  5. A Ringling Bros. calf on average weighs 300 pounds at birth
  6. 150-200 pounds of hay per day in additional to fruits, vegetables and fresh bread is the staple  for aRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Asian elephant.
  7. Depending on the weather, Asian elephants can drink 30-50 gallons of water on a daily basis.
  8. An average male Asian elephant will weigh 5,000 – 8,000 pounds.
  9. The average height of an Asian elephant is 10 feet.
  10. An elephant can have up to 1,000 muscles in its trunk.

2. Post a picture of your lil one in a animal mask or costume on


3. Tell me did those thing listed above at

PICK 1 OR 2 AND DO #3…….




Children under two don’t need a ticket for the show.

For entire show details go to Time Warner Kelle said to click here!

Montessori or Homeschooling

I’ve been homeschooling for seven years and I LOVE it …..mostly.When kids help prepare dinner, they help prepare themselves for life! Find a recipe to make with your little chefs

Several people have asked me about the differences between Montessori and home schooling; and why we want to put the middle boys into Montessori school.

First, I think I should talk about why we chose to home school in the first place. The short answer is: because most public schools suck. However, if you want the long answer:here it



You can’t beat the opportunity to teach outside the box and ensure a solid full circle education including spiritual, social, financial, environmental, nutritional, and physical foundation. For us, homeschooling offers freedom from peer-pressure and clichés, freedom from bullies, freedom from curriculum, freedom from  “general” testing, freedom from school schedules. All of which makes for a less stressful life. Now that the girls are back home  we’re looking for the next best thing and that’s Public Montessori for our middle sons.  boraxborax0



We toured the Highland Mills Montessori and was very pleased with it. Children worked on the floor, or at various tables. The classrooms were full of accessible plants, animals, learning tools, folders, worksheets, books, and other materials. There labs coats, washer and dryers, a real garden even real painting easels. There is also a kitchen and bathroom on the same hall and a band room for students in the 4th grade and up.

Here are some tips for getting your child school ready while still at home:

Don’t Create A Monster-hd10

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Have them help.
  3. Watch the nanny!

(Well that’s what Ms Cheryl said! … I would love to put two of my boys in that school. Just think, Eaim & Amen will be drinking from glass cups…..More power to them on that one-right?  Anyhoots, we need to register them in the next few weeks if we want them to start in the fall. Anyone has any experience with Montessori or Homeschooling that would like to give input on the two options?

Friday Four: 4 Things NOT to Say To A Breastfeeding Mom

I’ve found that ignorance is crippling and mentally abusive. Without thought, people will say the very first things that come to their minds. When new breastfeeding moms are on the receiving end of the rant. It’s time to rethink some things. Breastfeeding moms need support not cruelty.


So you decide to breast feed and today is the big day to venture forth and BOOM! You’re hit with the ignorance. Here’s your POW!

  1. “I thought breastfeeding meant you’ll lose weight in no time?” Although I’ve nursed 6 babies myself, I have always had a weight battle myself, but that’s another story altogether. Weight  loss is inevitable for breastfeeding moms but not all moms lose weight at the same rate.
  2. “Aren’t your boobs going to sag?” First off, breasts were put on women by God so that they could feed their babies. Secondly, my breasts have never looked better.  They fuller and rounder now that they’re able to make milk for my son.  I found this video to help with build those muscles up there- Push-ups and chest fly exercises to lift the breast demo    Noah
  3. “Can’t you  cover up, pump, or nurse in the bathroom or something?”  Wow! I’ve gotten that before and it was dealt with properly. As a matter of fact, my story went international. Most times I have a breastfeeding top, nursing bib, or any sort of makeshift cover to hide under so that you don’t see my exposed jugs. I really don’t have to. Breastfeeding is perfectly legal, so insinuating that it’s bothersome is telling a mom that she doesn’t have rights as a mother. Telling me my breastfeeding bothers you might just mean you’re looking a wee bit too close!
  4. “Isn’t breastfeeding for moms who are too cheap to buy formula?” Yes, maybe part of why I breastfeed is because it is budget-friendly.Although there is always WIC to help cover his formula if I ever needed it. However, this is not enough motivation for me. While cost-cutting is a by-product of breastfeeding, the reason why I nurse my child is because it’s my decision to do so, and I believe my milk can more than suffice for his current needs. Plus, I don’t have to bother cleaning bottles, sterilizing, and buying formula (hello, savings, convenience and maxed out nutrition!) Breastfeeding.article1

I went to the hospital to see my niece. It was great seeing how supportive the hospital staff was in supporting her desire to nurse. Although times are changing, we have a long way to go. But with one baby at a time, we can help make breastfeeding, nursing a first thought!

If you need more help with nursing, contact Loving Support’s peer counselors. The counselors are women who have successfully breastfed their babies and are available to help others. While you’re at it, read this article from Smart Start regarding general health benefits to nursing. Here’s another great tip. Click on each highlighted link. I’ve linked up to wonderful supplemental info there.

Till the next drip of mom’s milk, take care! QC Supermom