Friday Four: 2nd half of Kwanzaa 2012

We are half way through the celebration….  kwanzaa sign

I can’t believe all the great, progressive  minds that brought their children out to be inspired so far this week.  I felt like it was where my family needed to be. Each night fed into my spirit. The dancing has been mesmerizing. The arts and crafts was amazing and the meatless food sampling was divine. YUM!!!!  Each night there was dialogue/ teaching. It almost felt like a family reunion and listening to the elders as they shared freely.

kwana talk

The topic of education came up. I knew that Yale & Brown graduated business owners. and that we were told to expect a good job after graduation. A beautiful little lady got up and began to telling us about preserving our history. She suggested that we aren’t living up to our birth right. I agreed with her on that. Everyone doesn’t have an angel on their side to lead, guide, & influence like I had.   The speaker said that was the wrong thinking. We should think of our own college years (even earlier than that) as years to prepare, grow and own. I LOVED THAT! Then he talked about, bullets.  He said our money is like a bullet and every time we spend it, we should do so as if we’re shooting a “gun”. It sounds aggressive but think about it. He was telling us that there is something powerful in our dollars & that we should be better “shooters.” The story telling was amazing. It easily put us right there in the story. kwanzaa noona rue     After the storytelling time, I asked my 6yo to tell me what he thought about it, He said  “The girl watched her parents plant trees and other plants. She left her parents small village and went to school to become animal doctor. Then when she finished school, she got a nice apartment and planted nice trees. Everyday someone different would come and ask her about different trees. She then left her practice to become a famous tree planter. She planted trees and help empower thousands of women. ”

Yes! that was a proud moment for mothers everywhere. They retained the story.  So far this is Kwannzaa looking like the best celebration yet! I’ll keep you posted! To hold you over peek at these other pictures we have taken. The festivities continue till Tuesday. I’ll have a final review on Wednesday Wow post. Enjoy- QC Supermom

kwanzaa swag

ok…’s the pictures- enjoy! Leave a comment / like it while you’re at it!


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