Friday Four: 4 Things NOT to Say To A Breastfeeding Mom

I’ve found that ignorance is crippling and mentally abusive. Without thought, people will say the very first things that come to their minds. When new breastfeeding moms are on the receiving end of the rant. It’s time to rethink some things. Breastfeeding moms need support not cruelty.


So you decide to breast feed and today is the big day to venture forth and BOOM! You’re hit with the ignorance. Here’s your POW!

  1. “I thought breastfeeding meant you’ll lose weight in no time?” Although I’ve nursed 6 babies myself, I have always had a weight battle myself, but that’s another story altogether. Weight  loss is inevitable for breastfeeding moms but not all moms lose weight at the same rate.
  2. “Aren’t your boobs going to sag?” First off, breasts were put on women by God so that they could feed their babies. Secondly, my breasts have never looked better.  They fuller and rounder now that they’re able to make milk for my son.  I found this video to help with build those muscles up there- Push-ups and chest fly exercises to lift the breast demo    Noah
  3. “Can’t you  cover up, pump, or nurse in the bathroom or something?”  Wow! I’ve gotten that before and it was dealt with properly. As a matter of fact, my story went international. Most times I have a breastfeeding top, nursing bib, or any sort of makeshift cover to hide under so that you don’t see my exposed jugs. I really don’t have to. Breastfeeding is perfectly legal, so insinuating that it’s bothersome is telling a mom that she doesn’t have rights as a mother. Telling me my breastfeeding bothers you might just mean you’re looking a wee bit too close!
  4. “Isn’t breastfeeding for moms who are too cheap to buy formula?” Yes, maybe part of why I breastfeed is because it is budget-friendly.Although there is always WIC to help cover his formula if I ever needed it. However, this is not enough motivation for me. While cost-cutting is a by-product of breastfeeding, the reason why I nurse my child is because it’s my decision to do so, and I believe my milk can more than suffice for his current needs. Plus, I don’t have to bother cleaning bottles, sterilizing, and buying formula (hello, savings, convenience and maxed out nutrition!) Breastfeeding.article1

I went to the hospital to see my niece. It was great seeing how supportive the hospital staff was in supporting her desire to nurse. Although times are changing, we have a long way to go. But with one baby at a time, we can help make breastfeeding, nursing a first thought!

If you need more help with nursing, contact Loving Support’s peer counselors. The counselors are women who have successfully breastfed their babies and are available to help others. While you’re at it, read this article from Smart Start regarding general health benefits to nursing. Here’s another great tip. Click on each highlighted link. I’ve linked up to wonderful supplemental info there.

Till the next drip of mom’s milk, take care! QC Supermom

5 thoughts on “Friday Four: 4 Things NOT to Say To A Breastfeeding Mom

  1. That weight loss one is crazy; I think I’ve put weight on since breastfeeding my twins. But I did eat like a horse to ensure I kept up the supply. :p I certainly agree though; I wouldn’t want (and would probably freak out) to hear any of those things. Choice others like ‘aren’t they too old to be breastfeeding’ is another one. My boys are only 8 months old! I’ll be going for a while yet.

    • Way to go! Do you tandem nurse? This go round, I’m doing pretty well. We have always eaten well. To ensure I am getting JUST enough I juice/make a smoothie in the morning, have a meal replacement for lunch and eat dinner with the family. I do think that I should increase my protein. My daughter LOVES making me lactation cookies. Girl…..the increase be overwhelming my lil Noah. 🙂

  2. I nursed twins too! So fun seeing other moms who nursed twins. Oh and totally nursed tandem. My twin nursing pillow was worth it’s astronomical size in gold, lol. I also ate like a horse and since I knew other twin moms with supply issues, I swore not to get on a scale or measure portions until I weaned. I’m still a tad over my target weight, but I think it was worth it. 🙂
    And yeah, breastfeeding is for moms who are too cheap to buy formula. See also it is for moms too lazy to formula feed. I cannot physically roll my eyes enough. If you go to one store and see a decent painting for $2000 and you go to another store and see the most beautiful painting you’ve ever seen for free, why would you go pay $2000 for the knock off? The cost doesn’t mean that it’s better. Just because I know a good deal does not mean I’m “cheap” and somehow less than someone who decides to pay full retail when amazon has that same dress for 70% off. And only stupid people do more work than they have to to prove they aren’t lazy. I have more than enough to do with twins and an older child and a house to keep up with. I don’t have to bottle feed in order to prove to you I’m not lazy. Ugh.

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