Montessori or Homeschooling

I’ve been homeschooling for seven years and I LOVE it …..mostly.When kids help prepare dinner, they help prepare themselves for life! Find a recipe to make with your little chefs

Several people have asked me about the differences between Montessori and home schooling; and why we want to put the middle boys into Montessori school.

First, I think I should talk about why we chose to home school in the first place. The short answer is: because most public schools suck. However, if you want the long answer:here it



You can’t beat the opportunity to teach outside the box and ensure a solid full circle education including spiritual, social, financial, environmental, nutritional, and physical foundation. For us, homeschooling offers freedom from peer-pressure and clichés, freedom from bullies, freedom from curriculum, freedom from  “general” testing, freedom from school schedules. All of which makes for a less stressful life. Now that the girls are back home  we’re looking for the next best thing and that’s Public Montessori for our middle sons.  boraxborax0



We toured the Highland Mills Montessori and was very pleased with it. Children worked on the floor, or at various tables. The classrooms were full of accessible plants, animals, learning tools, folders, worksheets, books, and other materials. There labs coats, washer and dryers, a real garden even real painting easels. There is also a kitchen and bathroom on the same hall and a band room for students in the 4th grade and up.

Here are some tips for getting your child school ready while still at home:

Don’t Create A Monster-hd10

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Have them help.
  3. Watch the nanny!

(Well that’s what Ms Cheryl said! … I would love to put two of my boys in that school. Just think, Eaim & Amen will be drinking from glass cups…..More power to them on that one-right?  Anyhoots, we need to register them in the next few weeks if we want them to start in the fall. Anyone has any experience with Montessori or Homeschooling that would like to give input on the two options?

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