Meditation For Moms


Mindcation are for all moms!!!!

Mothers everywhere share a common obstacle- finding time for themselves to relax. More often than not, we don’t get a daily stress-free break so we improvise and take so-called “breaks” whenever we can sneak one.

I learned to make the most of my daily routines and find my happy place in the least obvious places.

As much as the kids and I are on the go, doing so is a must. How do I do it. I MAKE time for mindcations! You should try it. It doesn’t take much time. The only rule is -no kids allowed. Meditation is the process of letting your thoughts go or letting your thoughts float around without substance so you can think about nothing if that works for you. Ideally, meditation is done without interruptions, but you’re a mom now, so interruptions are just part of life. Mindcations/ meditations are possible for any mom! No matter how busy you are. I have a menu of mindcation options. Maybe one will work for you.


WASH! Think about it. Who doesn’t feel better after a shower? Exercise is good too. Better yet, go to a gym, it’s guilt free time well spent away from kids. I’m not scaring you yet am I? Sleeping…. we may not get much sleep, but you can add to the quality by purchasing a meditation CD or a CD containing relaxing music or soothing rhythms/nature sounds, and my best way to have a mindcation is with comforting smells.What works for you? meee


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