2 Week Potty Training Plan

Potty-TrainingYou can not make them go POTTY! Let me say that right off the bat! There are no set rules to training your lil one.

 We have trained our 9 kids in nine different ways. No plans- just action. We just went with the flow using the same potty chair from 2006. Now it’s time to hit the rewind button with our now 2.5 year old. We have always had two in diapers at the same time. So now that Noah is here, it seems normal to begin. Hopefully he will be the easiest one yet. Then we’ll be on a serious money saving mode.


Like I said earlier, we didn’t have a PLAN, but we followed the normal potty training guidelines. Listening to my son, following his cues, and catering to his materialist tendencies.

  • YOU CAN NOT MAKE A CHILD GO POTTY.Find what motivates your child and gently dangle that carrot. “Oh, that Incredible Hulk action figure does look really nice. When you’re ready to use your potty I’ll make sure we buy you one. Or two!”. I’ve found some songs that may work too. Click here to listen.

“Mommy, here are some stickers.  These are your reward for cleaning up my poop.”  -Mikey, age 3

(Said after pooping in his big boy underwear for the third time that day!)-  QCSAHM  


  • Bring the potty everywhere. Toilets and urinals are intimidating and staying home all day while potty training isn’t very fun. Don’t be embarrassed. 
  • Lavish your child with praise. They love that! Tehun does a little dance after  exiting the bathroom.
  • Cool underwear helps. Tehun loves Elmo and Word World  he  went nuts for his Elmo prints. (YOU CAN NOT MAKE A CHILD GO POTTY.)
  • Limit your child’s drinking schedule and remind him or her to try to use the potty  every half hour is a good starting point. We set our cell phones as a reminder.

That poop burned my butt.  It was like a building that exploded and wood burning.  My poop was the wood.”  -Will, age 4

(Poor Will has chronic GI issues and has gotten very creative in expressing how his bowels are functioning.  It may be gross – but it’s never dull and he handles it all like a champ!) -QCSAHM

  • Keep a bag stocked with paper towels, baby wipes, underwear, socks, shoes, and two extra changes of clothes with you, even in the car.ready

You can choose any potty training method that you think will fit your parenting style AND your child’s temperament. No matter which one you choose, it ultimately won’t affect the number of accidents your child may have – that’s unique to each kiddo. If your child is one that has a harder time ‘holding’ it, just know you are certainly not failing…stick with the plan and know it will all come together soon! Above all remember that-YOU CAN NOT MAKE A CHILD GO POTTY. 🙂

Signs of potty training readiness:

  • Can walk steadily on their own

  • Can pull his/her pants up and down

  • Tells you when they have a dirty diaper

  • Can sit quietly for 2-5 minutes

  • Your child is interested in the bathroom

  • Your child demonstrates independence

  • Has words for pee and poop

  • Can follow basic directions, like “pick up your toy”

Tehun potty training

I truly hope this helps someone. If you know anyone who is approaching potty training time please share this post with them and if you have anything to add please leave a note in the comments below.All kids are different and I’ve got two more to train.

When he Ìs ready to use it, the potty will be right there. Sooner or later it will be used. Either as it was intended or as a step up to reach the sink.

Can’t wait to see how it will turn out. If it works in 2 weeks great. If not, I’ll continue to use Huggies and Elmo videos! Have you had any potty training mishaps?

-QC Supermom

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