Wednesday Wow: A Fun (and affordable) Valentines Day

v1 loveI love Valentines Day, always have! My parents should be blamed for that. As they would never let one pass with out celebrating it as a family holiday. Watching him bring gifts to my mom was the cutest. We would chant “kiss her kiss her” until he did. He also brought us supplies to make each other gifts.

So far, my husband has already given me my Valentines ‘Day gift. Yesterday I got two nice dresses from The Junior League WearHouse. I picked them out myself.  Keeping my parents tradition seems fitting. It makes for simplicity and sincerity. Although my mom did get candy, flowers and all things in between, We have a universal no clause: No candy, no live flowers, no spending over $40.. and no cluster crafts. So how do we celebrate Valentines Day?

We think outside the box and call for every ounce of affordable creativity that we can find online! You can do it too. Here’s what we have planned.

The kids and I will surprise  their dad with a gift tomorrow. They want to put on a play about how we met. I know that’s gonna be hilarious! I might share it in Fridays blog post. v1 Chocolate-Covered-Strawberries-Bite_thumb1

We have teen girls and for us, it’s all about spa facials, nail polishing, with aromatherapy and baking. Thank Goodness they do not have any interest in having a boy friend right now. We can enjoy the relaxing company of ourselves with a night of pampering.

Our 4 boys under 6 years old are firecrackers! Real gentlemen in training. I’ll focus on fun, gooey, science crafts, cute hand made cards and jewelry with them.

There are so many things they can do with my supervision.v1 valentine-twig-Cupid’s-arrows

I think I’ll even surprise my husband with a wall in our room full of love notes or one large poem. That will surprise the wazoo out of him.

Even for my awesome group of Stay At Home Moms. We get together the day after for a party with ALL of the trimmings. Since most stores have a surplus sitting on their shelves the prices are slashed down 75-90%. The kids don’t care about the date, and the savings is worth the delay. What are your plans for Valentines Day?

v1 burst

Valentines Day-can’t you tell?  But I refuse to sugar infuse my children or spend like a mad mama to have a great day of LOVE with family. Let me know how you plan to celebrate the sweetest day of the year.


Here’s a cute play list- click here!

A cute candy holder- Click here!

Cute preschool science- Click here!

CUTE mother load of Ideas! Click here! 

Another mother load of great science ideas. Click here! 

“All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”

— Leo Tolstoy (“War and Peace”)

Till next time, QC Supermom


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