Chiropractic Care For Teens (The Series)

Excuse #1“You didn’t tell me I had to do that.” (now I’ve said it fifty -eleven times already…)

Excuse #2- ” I’m hungry, I can’t focus!” (there’s always food in our home. It may not be what they wan, but it’s always something nutritious to eat.)


“Allow” or “Get worse”. Always put your child’s health first!

“All day long, all I hear from my kids are things like, ‘It wasn’t my fault! He started it!
There’s one in particular, she comes along with me to many wellness events in the Queen City and nearby places. Sometimes I think she maybe a tad bit over-scheduled. At one of our last events, there was a chiropractic there. He did a quick scan on her spine and it switched on my inner light bulb! Maybe she has a blockage! I believe that children shouldn’t be allowed to blame other people, places or things for not meeting expectations or completing tasks. To me, when a child blames someone else, he’s saying “It’s not my responsibility because I’m a victim of that person, label, or thing.” We don’t ask our kids to do much, but we do expect them to do as we ask, when we ask them.

Yesterday, like normal she asked, to go to the mall to watch movies. Like most times, I reply “Yes, you can go to the mall (library, have a friend over, etc.)… when you have your room clean (the towels washed,the floor mopped, etc.). So far so good. I can’t wait till everyone of her excuses have been washed away.

Yes, you may have dinner! There’s bread in the cabinet, and peanut butter in the fridge. I’ll return to making full meals when the dishes that you left in the sink on Friday have been washed. QC Supermom

kids chores

Soon we will know if it’s either a behavioral or learning problem.   Dr.s Brandon and Natalie Mahaffy, of EXODUS CHIROPRACTIC invited us to tour their lovely facility in Huntersville. We learned the history of chiropractic care and learned about some really cool therapeutic tools. I posted them on this post. (you like?)   dd ddd

Parenting would be a whole lot easier if children came with a manual. I sincerely doubt that any child chooses to ignore their parents, or forget instructions that were given to them.

Ignoring them simply encourages your child to create bigger and better ones. My advice to parents, know that there are options out there. Our first strategy is chiropractic care. Follow this series to see how it goes.

(Don’t miss any of the good stuff….all of the images are clickable!) Till the next adjustment, Take care, QC Supermomdr

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