Wednesday Wow! In a Perfect Universe (TCWF’13)

On the bottom of this post, Ill tell you the details of how to win the Harlem Globe Trotters Family tickets! 

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds — where it’s the same year, and you’re the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can’t find your way home ?



Years ago, there was this show called Sliders, I loved it! I made sure I was planted in front of the tv to watch every single day with my then newborn in lap.  The show follows a group of people, called “Sliders”, as they travel (“sliding”) between different Earths in parallel universes via a wormhole-like “vortex”, hoping to return safely to their original Earth Prime. While waiting for the timer countdown, the group learns about the differences in the alternate Earth from their own, and often become unwillingly involved in events that they must resolve before they can safely leave via the vortex.

“You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed and the doors are not all shut.”

In 2007, I time traveled in my mind. I began to create a universe that I considered to be perfect. There, I live, eat, thought, played, and even mothered differently. As I learned more, I looked to grab a few other moms like me to come along in this motherhood journey. I like this new universe where kids have manners, moms know how to communicate and listen, holistic education is a priority, the pharmacist is the herbalist, the grocery store has a garden section, hospitals pushed breastfeeding, (yes, a place where’s it’s normal- imagine that!) everyone was color blind and the courts would be ran by spiritual leaders. You know like the one Oprah hangs out with, (unlike the pope or many other pastors) I’m talking about the type that see with a third eye.

It could happen-right?  MAYBE only in my alternate universe

time travel

or maybe on 11.16.13, at this years Total Children’s Wellness Fair. That day, I along with my tribe of like-minded Stay At Home Moms will open up the worm-hold again! We will invite the public into a Perfect Universe, full of out of the norm ideas examples, demos and partaking of various local resources.

I’m so excited! I hope you can make it. More information forth coming, so stick around!

Now, about those Harlem Globe Trotter Tickets………..(another incredible alternative universe -like expeirence 🙂 )….Here’s how to win them. Tell me what you think is needed to create a perfect universe. Winner will be announced on the 19th!  Post your answer below and tell me that you did it on our fb page

Come on, nothing is too outrageous I want to hear it all. Not only will you win the family four pack, but we may also use your idea at the Total Children’s Wellness Fair this year! Cool right?

Well till the next leap, stay real! QC Supermom

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday Wow! In a Perfect Universe (TCWF’13)

  1. In my opinion, the perfect universe would have people who fully understand their God-given purpose, know how to serve others before themselves, be filled with God’s love, and all live in the peace and freedom that God gives. Husbands would love their wives ask Christ does the church and they would submit their lives to one another, children would be loved by their parents and produce honor and a bond of mutual respect would be built between them. A place where everyone is accepted, giving is limitless, “lack” would be eliminated from the vocabulary, and health would be abundant and resting upon everyone. It would be a place where there is peace between nations, sharing each diversity and knitting a “quilt of colors”. Mothers would mother their children and children not of the womb as their own and fathers would be present but the molders of the children and head of their homes in love. Our food would be free from dangerous chemicals and the environment would be free from pollution. Life would be lead by love and giving and all hearts would constantly be looking to “pay it forward.” The schools would be free of violence, bullying, and harmful influences, but filled with an open community of educators, parents, and students who view life as everyone as family. Life would be filled with constant laughter, healthy living, smiles, hugs, kisses, care for each others soul, and the push for everyone to be successful. This network would be constant; from culture to culture, home to home, until everyone is happy and healthy.

  2. A perfect universe? I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so and wow my imaginary universe just keeps changing and growing. To be honest there are so many different views, approaches, and explanations that to share them all I would need to write a book.
    Here’s a little run down of this perfect universe of mine! In my parallel Universe there would be no opposition between science or this religion or that religion, they would all mesh together and we would have an understanding of how it all works together. We would be united! Spiritual! All would be loved and at peace, everyone would be grateful for the littlest of things, genuinely kind to one another, no sin, no violence, no hatred.
    We would love the earth and what it provides. We would take care of our sacred earth, use what we need and give back! There would be clean air, clean seas, and clean soil! There would be no pesticides, no growth hormones. EVERYTHING would be “organic” although it wouldn’t be called organic there because it would just be.
    Technology would still be present and growing in my universe, actually even more advanced, futuristic. Which would be a tricky thing to come about in a world of spiritual, loving, living off the land people. But it’s my universe and that’s how it would be, the best of both worlds! We would be smart with our technology and energy. Almost everything would be solar, hydroelectric and wind powered!
    There would be no over population of animals, no strays, and no endangered species.
    Knowledge would be plentiful.
    We all would know more than one language
    All Mothers would be blessed to stay at home with their children the first 4 years. And we would be great at it! We would be more patient, stricter, a great teacher and obviously full of love!
    Teachers would be paid more and appreciated more!
    Now for the really crazy stuff! We are speaking of universe here so in my universe we would be able to travel to other planets and have contact with other life forms and share knowledge.

  3. I cant believe we have so much in common! My perfect universe is much like the one you have described & I’ve even shared this with “like minded” people I meet who I sense share the same goal. My perfect universe is surrounded (protected) by a force field that the elders meditate on to keep it strong. Schools are also “churches” where children are nurtured, taught and guided on spiritual principals as well as academics. Children are encouraged to use thier God given powers and taught to let the light within shine bright. Children are taught about the chakra system, holistic health, gardening, how to strengthen & use thier super natural powers, how to heal, how to communicate without saying a word with humans and animals and have a strong emphasis on science & spirituality. In other words they would be taught to be the gods & goddess’s that we already are. In my perfect world there would be no need for money. Everyone would have a garden in there yard & we would live off the land. We would make our own clothes and use a barter system for other things that we need or want. There is no dis-ease in my universe, only bliss. Neighbors are treated as blood relatives and we look after all of our young as if they are our own. We would also be introduced and know the cultures & languages of everyone. No one is treated better or worse than anyone else. There is no crime, no war, mistreatment of anyone. People treat each other the way they would want to be treated. There is so much more I have thought of & this could go on forever but I will end this with love is the most important thing in my universe & everyday we all pray for one another in love.

  4. I believe the universe is already perfect because the creator of this universe is perfect.We as humans tend to veiw reality from our chosen perspectives,but when reality is veiwed from an enlightened vantage, then it is seen that the universe is the way it is because of the will of god.

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