Friday Four: Fun Fotos

There has been so many things going on this week. I have shared 4 here. What was your week like?  I guess the biggest news out right now besides Ahmad Givens, “Real” of  ‘Real Chance of Love’ is getting on chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer is EJ3. Magic and Cookie Johnson support their gay son. 


” I told him”Hey, we are here to support you man. We’re going to love you no matter who you are, what you do. We just want you to love yourself”

I wish for the best on that one. I’m done on that subject. 


Breastfeeding ROCKS! I found some friends to have my back as I fed Noah the other week. By the way, the 9 month old guy is walking now. Go Noah!

Here’s something else I’m working on. A Woman’s Workshop.

Ok, sure no women wants to fix our own cars, but wouldn’t it be great to actually know spark plugs from  piston rings? To know when someone is overcharging me is also a great incentive to have a working knowledge of mechanical abilities. I can’t wait till my workshop for women begins next month. (I do stay busy don’t I?)

By the way, since I am rambling,  The Total Children’s Wellness Fair is looking very promising. I’m so excited.I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop. I thank you all for the outstanding support. You will be thrilled on 11.16.13!

Women Knowing what a fixed car looks, sounds, and rides like.

Women Knowing what a fixed car looks, sounds, and rides like.


I oozed through Easter with out one bag of Kit Kat bars. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t going to doing anything at all this year. Well that was my plan. The kids have a way of changing my mind. I had a BUNCH of large plastic eggs in the house. So I purchased art supplies, nail color, tank tops, colored caulk, The Justice League underwear & matching socks, and a few other essential goodies and packed them snug and tight for the kiddos.Then placed them on the floor like droppings.

I figured the ridiculous story about a “rabbit” could handle a few large egg droppings in the punch line.

I even made  gift for my husband. They loved it. Tuesday, we gathered a couple of kids from my moms group for a scavenger hunt in the park. Eaim, 6 year old was the only one that asked “Where the candy at.” ….he’ll be okay, bless his little heart.

Till the next dropping, take care,

QC Supermom.


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