Wednesday WOW: Lucy Suzie-Woo got hit!

Suzy, Lucy Woo is total lost! Yes, my 15 year old Barney purple mini van is on it’s last leg! She got hit a week ago today. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were in the middle of our homeschool day. We had just picked up a few things from the market & was sitting at the stop sign. Then we got hit! BAM! She made it thunder!!! Bam -BAM! We couldn’t move.DIGITAL CAMERA

The sweet lady that hit us was shivering, my 3 pints of rice cream and 1 pound of dry ice was melting.But everyone was happy to be feeling all 10 fingers and toes! I knew it wasn’t in her plans to hit the lady driving with a van full of kids, so I didn’t feel the need to act badly. this notion sure comforts me

The most aggravating thing was waiting for the police to arrive. They made it out there 45 minutes later. The other lady said “I’m sorry for interrupting your day, I’m gonna send your children some ice cream.” Wouldn’t you know, she sent it. It arrived with the sweetest card.That goes to prove that you don’t have to make an enemy during a car accident. I can’t wait to send her a thank you note. DIGITAL CAMERA

We are now seeing the chiropractor. You should see their eyes when all 7 of us walk into Dr Brandon and Dr. Natalie’s chiropractic office, talk about FUNNY! I hope this will be the caveat to get a new mini van. Keep your fingers crossed that I get something in one color, retractable windows,seating for 8/10 and a working havc system, like the white rental in the picture above.Sweet right?

Till our next ride, Drive safely! QC Supermom


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