Wednesday Wow: Picking up our son from college summer ‘2013

This Mother’s Day will be extra special! My gift came early. We picked it* up yesterday from Hampton Virginia. It was so huge, I had to make space in the entire back half of our mini van. It* is so precious, so incredible and so in-demand!

He's a sophomore at Hampton University

He’s a sophomore at Hampton University


My number 4 son helping my number 1 get everything packed for home!

It’s my 20 year old son Keithric Jervon Kelly Pressley! Yes, I used every single one of his names. I missed him so and look forward to breaks and vacations from college to have him here with me. (So sue me. I told ya’ll a long time ago, that I was an helicopter mom)

Yes, we cleaned up for the next student! Doesn't everyone?

Yes, we cleaned up for the next student! Doesn’t everyone?

I have to come clean. As if you can’t tell, I’m also a doting mom. I’m so proud of him. He has made so many grown up decision and moves this year and have done them all on his own. At times I felt that he should have ran these options by me, his dad, aunts previous coaches  or grandfather, but he didn’t. So far, so good. He finished the year with great grades, looking healthy, and of a peaceful spirit! You can’t ask for anything more. I’m so grateful. DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s my message to those moms thinking bout throwing in the towel with their son. Children are tend to live up to what you believe of them. This boy of mine wasn’t completely terrible. Yet, he gave me plenty of practice on raising his younger four brothers. In middle school I didn’t know what to do with him. I felt that he was  ruined. To me his priorities were out of order and he considered himself above reproach. My husband and I tried EVERYTHING! From enrolling him in a Scared Straight program to changing his diet, to having him volunteer his time to serve the less fortunate. We even used radical strategies that resulted in making other family members raise their eyebrows. But it worked, He is worth it. So right now, if “Lil Jean” driving you bonkers, just find options and use them as needed. Don’t give up on your child. The minute you do, hopelessness steps in and awful things happen. Anything worth having requires work, and if you can put massive energy in the things you truly like, why not put that same energy in your flesh & blood? LOVE Your CHILD to GREATNESS!

DIGITAL CAMERAMy mother’s Day is looking fantastic. Not for the gifts they’ll surly bring, or the hugs I receive, but for the fact that my son is finally getting it. ……Oh yeah, him grabbing the wheel for the long ride home was a treat too! Aaaah, the perks of having a child old enoughto drive. Till the next break, take care! QC Supermom

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