Friday Four: LookAThat Body- I work out!

The girls and I are offical! We a respectible cards holding members of the YMCA. I don’t know who is more proud today. Myself, the girls or the staff for seeing us again some 5 years later. Getting those cards in our hands was hands down one of the greatest moments in our family.  Here are the four reasons why I am happy to reconnect with the gym.Our access cards!

1. Going to the gym will offer the girls free, yet constuctive time away from me. We do believe in giving ring pass nots.  A little freedom goes a long way.DIGITAL CAMERA

2. They will learn another way to destress and relax outside of yelling and pouting. Now, if I can just get them off those devices and focus……DIGITAL CAMERA


3. We will get our bodies stronger, healthier and more fit together.Keyword: TOGETHER



4. It was so affordable! We got a family package. With that, we are paying just $40 for 8 of us. Most gyms have a discount offer for income sesitive applicants. Ask for it!DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

Till the next

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