Friday Four: Sometimes even moms need a time out.

Thank Goodness it Friday!!! My husband is officially on for the weekend. Have you ever had on THOSE weeks that you just couldn’t finish anything? Yes? Well here’s your high five, because that’s exactly how my week went. I needed a serious time out!

They're trying to get me!!!!

They’re trying to get me!!!!

This week I stayed thigh deep in the game of Life! Schooling ( to continue home schooling or new zip code), loss of our faithful “Lucy Suzie Woo” (our mini van), getting ready for Cirque du Soleil Quidam and  my weight (yikes!).

Having the children lesson plans indeed make my day much easier, but if I didn’t have to do it at all I probably wouldn’t. But compromising their total wellness is not an option. Maybe it’s time to move in a different zip code. Till then back to the books. The kids have year end testing coming up soon!

Per DNPE: We must operate for a school term of at least nine calendar months on a regular schedule excluding reasonable holidays and vacations.  (DNPE strongly advises a school term of at least 180 school days; typical school days of at least 5 1/2 hours in length; and, typical class periods for grade 9-12 students of 50 minutes each.)

2. 8 people are sharing 1 Impala. Well, we, the parents are, my minivan burnt up aThank you and goodbye Suzy Lucy Woo - you served us well. Rest on. few days ago.  Only our 20 year old can drive, but he’s in college. Have you seen my weekly calendar? (Click here) We are never home! Thank goodness I have a wonderful assistant organizer to pick up my slack. Sure we are making less of a footprint in the ozone, I do miss the space and being able to take all the children with me…..HOLD UP! I maybe missing a blessing in this one. 🙂 Maybe I won’t rush Roger to buy a new ride from the DWI Police auction just yet.

I wish that I could say that I make time to exercise, but  I don't. So I get a little help from HerbaLife. (I'll choose my on GMO's thank you)

yourself?” If so, you ‘ll have to tell me how it is, because I can’t relate to that, myself. I am the tightest mother of 9  that I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Herbalife,  🙂  and Earth Fare I’m able to maintain, I really have to exercise more though.

Holy Cow, from EarthFare

4. Cirque Du Soleil Quidam is coming to CHARLOTTE!  I can’t wait! They have a fantastic buzz going around on the net that it’s the show to see. I can’t wait to discover it myself. I am stilling looking for a winner for the family four pack. To get them, all you have to do is comment in this post, pretend you’re a contortionist & take the picture, then share your it on our facebook page!Quidam_Charlotte_300x250_date

To State Farm, team 10 guy that jacked up my damages claim.

To State Farm, team 10 guy that jacked up my damages claim.

Gotta go now, QC Supermom

Friday Four: AWESOME summer fun tips for all!

It’s here!  SUMMERTIME!!!! Find something great to do with this comprehensive list of activities, playgrounds, museums and more. Yes, I have much more than 4 but I signify my top 4! Lucky you! Just bookmark it and come back as needed.


1. Go see Cirque du Soliel’s ‘Quidam’ at the Time Warner Cable Arena July 3-7  Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.  Click Here to purchase!

Quidam had its world premiere in Montreal under the Big Top in April 1996. Since then, the production has toured on five continents and been experienced by millions of people. In December 2010, Quidam embarked on a new journey, performing the same captivating production, but now in arenas throughout North America. The international cast features 52 world-class acrobats, musicians, singers and characters.
Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world—the world of Quidam—where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.  You’ll see contortionists, aerial acrobats, hand balancing and more! 
Show Schedule 

Wednesday, July 3 at 7:30 p.m.
Friday, July 5 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, July 6 at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 7 at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

For more information visit
See a preview of the show here.

Here’s a bunch of recurring events.

2. Monkey Joe’s: It’s off Woodlawn and Park Rd.

Play time! Name Your Price Mondays is the best!

Play time! Name Your Price Mondays is the best!

 Let the kids jump and bounce on huge inflatables. Parents can take it easy and plug into the free wi-fi.

Airport Overlook Park. Pack a lunch and come here to watch the planes take off and land at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. Off Old Dowd Road near the intersection with Besser Drive.

3. UNC Botanical Gardens: Consists of the 7-acre Van Landingham Glen, 3-acre Harwood Garden and eight-room McMillan Greenhouse complex.Outdoor gardens open during daylight hours daily. Located on the UNCC campus, at the corner of Mary Alexander and Michael Craver Road. 704-687-2870.

flowerPlaza Fiesta: This giant, two-story play place near Carowinds — billed as the largest indoor play center in the southeast — has tons of slides, tunnels and other features for kids to climb, swing and crawl through. 3700 Avenue Of The Carolinas.

Crowders Mountain State Park. About 25 miles west of Charlotte, this park will

challenge the experienced as well as the novice climber. It offers 12 miles of scenic, and somewhat strenuous, hiking trails with a view at the top that’s worth the climb. 522 Park Office Lane in Kings Mountain. 704-853-5375.

4.  Public spraygrounds. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation’s five jcspraygrounds feature sprays, nozzles and spouts that spray water for children to run through and frolic under. Open seven days a week in the summer, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Several have playgrounds next door, making them a perfect place to spend hours. Locations: Nevin Park, 6000 Statesville Road; Cordelia Park, 2100 North Davidson Street; Latta Park, 601 East Park Avenue; Veterans Park , 2136 Central Avenue; and West Charlotte Recreation Center, 2400 Kendall Drive. (704) 336-3854.


Charlotte Museum of History. The museum, which is always free on Sundays, offers a glimpse into colonial life and has rotating exhibits. 3500 Shamrock Drive. 704-568-1774.

The Energy Explorium at Lake Norman. Located at McGuire Nuclear Station, the Explorium features hands-on exhibits and interactive games designed to introduce kids to the wonders of electricity and nuclear power. They can even use the power of a treadmill to operate a TV. The explorium also offers a mile-long nature trail, a picnic area, and a large deck that overlooks Lake Norman, the Cowans Ford dam and two nuclear silos. No admission fee. 13339 Hagers Ferry Road in Huntersville. 704-875-5600.

Northlake Mall kids’ play areas. At Northlake Mall’s Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Play Area (across from Dick’s Sporting Goods on the lower level), kids can climb, crawl and jump on their favorite Looney Tunes characters. The mall also has a kids’ activity area in the middle of its food court. They’ll have fun with distorted mirrors, tic-tac-toe and tabletop sand art while you relax at a nearby table. 6801 Northlake Mall Drive. 704-921-2005.

Storytime at the library. Each branch of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg library has dozens of local programs, including weekly story times for different age groups and themed special events such as cooking with books programs, “Fancy Nancy” parties and more. (Many libraries outside Mecklenburg have similar programming.) (Just don’t put anything down. Their lost and found is awful AND they are  ridiculous about accountability.

Summer-time is calling!

Summer-time is calling! TeHun runs to the call of duty! Wheeeeeee!

Mecklenburg Park and Rec Programs. From fishing to birding, kayaking to outdoor movies, Mecklenburg’s Park and Recreation department has dozens of fun, free programs and festivals for kids and adults a Click on the “Get Going Guide.”

Art gallery crawls. NoDa holds free gallery crawls where you can hear live music and check out original works by artists in different stages of professional development the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the

See a free movie. Some are outside on the big screen; others play weekdays in commercial theaters. I’ll add the list here later.

Here’s a few more:

Levine Museum of the New South: This is an interactive history museum that provides the nation with the most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War southern society featuring men, women and children, black and white, rich and poor, long-time residents and newcomers who have shaped the South since the Civil War. 200 E Seventh St

Kids’ Workshops at Home Depot. Offered the first Saturday of each month between 9 HDa.m. and noon at most stores, kids will learn to hammer nails, turning screws and sanding wood while they build things such as bird houses and catamarans. Designed to teach kids do-it-yourself skills and tool safety, while instilling a sense of accomplishment. No registration required.

Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics. Held twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., kids will build things such as a dune buggy, a picture frame and more. Different clinics target children of different ages. Registration is required but can be done online.

Davie Park: Fabulous playground, plus ball fields, horseshoe pits, hopscotch courses and a lake! 4635 Pineville-Matthews Road. 704-554-0402.

Enjoy your summer! QCSupermom

I'm so ready for this summer!

I’m so ready for this summer!

Wednesday Wow! The Non Lemonade Stand

Forget the sugar....there is something better!

Forget the sugar….there is something better!

Do you know what is in a cup of lemonade that sweet little girl with the pony tail just sold you for $1?

  • Fresh lemons /lemonade concentrate and a BUNCH of sugar.
  • Ice and a little  water.

Sure it sound harmless enough, and Lord knows I’ve pimped, encouraged my daughters to sell tons of it for their brothers AAU basket ball team. But to my defense, I didn’t know what I was doing. But as I always heard, when you know better, you should do better. Well, I’ve learned a few things since then.
Thanks to herbalist, Dr. Oz and other health saviors, we can freshen up our water with natural fruit flavors that make it more tempting to stay hydrated without adding empty calories or needless sugar.

Some people even add tea bags, as sun tea using the heat of the sun, and garnish with mint leaves, lemon slices. frozen fruit small frozen fruit.

We made our own Vitamin Water. Not the one 50 Cents, the business man/rapper sold, but a fruit and herb based water drink.What we learned was if you build it, they will buy it!


I couldn’t locate the recipe we used, it was last year. But you don’t need mine, go ahead and find a mix you like. Try these:

Drink One: The drink is comprised of 8 oz. water, 1 slice of 

grapefruit, 1 tangerine, ½ of a cucumber (sliced), 2 peppermint leaves, and ice. Mix together in and enjoy.


Drink 2: Citrus Cucumber Water

  • 1 cucumber, sliced thinly
  • 2-3 lemons, sliced thinly or juice
  • Water

Drink 3- ingredients

  • 2 – 3slicesripe honeydew melon
  • 1lime, sliced 1/4-inch thick
  • 4mint sprigs
  • 2water
  • Ice cubes

Drink 4-Aside from tasting delicious, my favorite part about this drink is the way it looks. The blackberries sit at the bottom and the mint leaves at the top, with an ombre effect of color in between. Muddle a small handful of blackberries (I just used a bowl and a spoon to do this) and add them to a glass jar. Top with a few leaves of mint (split in half for maximum flavor), and fill to the brim with cold water. Put a lid on the jar and store in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours before drinking. (See picture here)

Snatch more recipes here on Buzzle!

The pay off of selling the world greatest drink

Here are some tips for your Vitamin Water Stand:

People don’t look up lemonade stands in the phone book, so you have to make sure they can see you and know where you are AND what you have to offer.- QC Supermom


Plan ahead. Find a spot where there is lots of foot traffic and aim for a warm day. Some places may require permission.

2  Make signs. Log on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to let everyone know  the location of your stand and the date and time you will be selling lemonade. Put several signs up in the neighborhood and save a big one to put on the stand or table that you will be selling from.

3. Get change. Depending on the price of your vitamin water, lots of quarters and several dollar bills are a good idea.


Buy supplies: lots of supplies, a container for the vitamin water,napkins, ice. and a 

trash container, for used cups and napkins.

5. Make lemonade from a frozen can or fresh from lemons.
6. Put cut fruit in a large container. Make sure the container isn’t too big for you to carry.
7. Set up your stand or table. Be sure to attach your sign and to have some chairs/stools for you and any helpers to sit on.
8. Stock the stand with your supplies and the fruits.

9. Be a salesperson. When people go by, call out, “Fresh Vitamin Water!” or “Get your ice-cold Vitamin water here!” Once they arrive, be sure to tell them why it’s great for them. You might be able to deliver or sell it via pre-ordered gallon size.

10Refill supply container as needed.

  • It’s always best to sell lemonade with a friend. That way, one of you will be free to get more vitamin water, stock the ice, cups or napkins, or empty the trash can while the other minds the money.

Vary your products! Instead of just vitamin water, offer simple smoothies, too. Maybe blend up or bake a couple of snack mixes. If you can, offer frozen fruit juice bars or  homegrown  veggie -fruit kabobs too. 3 – 5 items are plenty; you don’t want to get overwhelmed. We sold blue jeans on our last stand & it was a hit!-QCSupermom

  •  Be sure to taste test all your products before you sell them. Make sure that your products are not too overpriced or under priced. You want to make a profit, right?
  • Be sure to ask customers whether they want lots of ice or just a little, give exact change back, be approachable, keep your area clean (have a bottle of hand-sanitizer on the table, so the customers know that you are clean and free of germs.) NEVER leave your cash box unattended and last but not least, Don’t be afraid to cut your price a bit at the the end of the day if you are high on supplies. It’s better to get some return on investment than to dump out product.

Loving it yet? Check out these other resources-

How to sell fast (10 steps)

How to maximize sales


See what Yummly has!

The good then about it is it made money then, and it will now. A good spot is the beach, a park, or a popular cul-de-sac in a neighborhood. Good look! QC Supermom

What every child needs to know before 16 years old

They built a Home Depot Ginger bread house.

They built a Home Depot Ginger bread house.


hd7Have you ever walked into your child’s room and it looked like Hell had an Auction ? Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one with that problem.DIGITAL CAMERA

She dresses well, cooks and baked great, she even has her book knowledge together well. I just can’t get her to keep that bed room clean for ANYTHING!

It never fails, I’ll either threaten her or hold a “carrot over her head” to get the results that I want in her bedroom.

It got me to thinking about the other things she and her 14 year old sister should have down pack before they leave our home within the next 3-4 years. So I made this list and went over it with my daughters. They accepted this checklist pretty well. (Good for them, as they don’t have parent rights up in this house)

 Here’s our family’s

“Ready  For The World Life Skills” Checklist

(It’s a list in progress feel free to add on in the comments)

Simple hair care knowledge. is essential

Simple hair care knowledge. is essential

“Set the timer for 20 minutes and take a 5-minute break. Do that a few times and then take a longer break.”

  1. How to communicate with adults casually and professionally.
  2. How to hem and repair a button
  3. How to change a tire.
  4. How to do their own taxes
  5. How to do laundry.


 “The teen years need to involve a gradual shift of responsibility to the teen.”


6. Know how to create and stick to a monthly budget.

7. What to do in case of an emergency, (car, medical, technical, spiritual)  

8.To have  working knowledge of herbs and plants.

9.How to properly clean cloths, and a entire house,

Resist the temptation to pick up the piles of clothes, books, and other messes in your child’s room. “If you keep organizing their room, they will not learn what works and what doesn’t.”

And last but not least,

10. How to create a full well balanced meal.


Not too bad huh? This morning, as I gathered up the troops to get the household chores done, I grabbed my laptop, a cup of green tea and sat down to see how I, err I mean they, measure up.If you’re interested in how we made out, grab a cup and follow me. We’ll chat like old friends right here:

See you there! QC Supermom

Friday Four: CirQue Saving B’day Party Dollars!

1vonsI have alot of kids. If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have at least one in every age group from one to twenty. So maybe, just maybe, I can tell you a little something about saving money while having a birthday party.

Try decorating with lots of balloons…taped to the ceiling…no helium needed


1. Think outside of the box- Maybe a water balloon fight, Cooking party or sleep over will work, or even a pizza and painting party. If your child is in her/his teens, think money. Big kids LOVE money! Just take a few of her/his friends to dinner and lace her/him with a few dollars.

Dig for Treasures:  Kids love to hunt for treasures (don’t we all?), and so it would be so much fun to bury them in sand and have a treasure hunt! If you don’t have a sand box, you could fill a plastic kiddie pool with sand. Treasures could be little action figures you can find at craft stores, containers of putty, coins, or you could go all out and do a pirate theme. You will need to provide each child with a bag of some sort to put their treasures in. (Get these things from the dollar store!)

2. Keep it simple- you don’t need a big menu, expensive decorations or 

QUIDAM_Blog Offer_2013

dozen kids! The kids won’t mind. Your backyard could be the best place ever to host your little one’s party. If you are lucky enough to live close a Monkey Joes, like I do. You could have the entire party there for $99*. Or you could take the entire family out for the evening to a special show like CirQue Du Soleil. (click the link to purchase tickets at discount)  It is gonna be awesome this year! ( Check out this quiz. Good luck!) that show alone is enough of a celebration. You can get a family four pack for $118.00. Click on the picture to purchase.If you’re feeling a little lucky, you have a chance to win them. I’ll have the details in Monday’s post!

I usually try to stick with a color theme instead of character theme. The local dollar tree usually has great deals on party supplies


3. Do It your self- Come on, it’s your child and money! Borrow chairs, others people long, empty hands. Grab up close outs items at craft stores and Pinterest tips. Instead of hiring entertainment, play games.Emma Southern Cake Queen said to take a class and make your own birthday cake.

4. Party in twos- If your child has a classmate or sibling around the same age and birth date- go for it! The savings are incredible! t’s best to choose a friend who has a lot of overlap of friends with your child so that you don’t have to invite twice as many people. If they have five mutual friends and each invite another two or three friends, you’ll still have a manageable number.Makes sense right?

For my son’s party, we made a simple pinata. First, we blew up some balloons, and I had my son tape them into whatever shape he wanted. (It ended up as a giant bee.) Then, I made a paste from flour and water, dipped newspaper strips in the paste, and laid them over the balloons until I covered all but a small opening for the candy. It took about two to three days to completely dry. Then, we just popped the balloons and painted the outside of the “bee.” We filled the bee with a two-dollar bag of “Fun Mix” candy from THE STORE. It made a cute decoration for the party, but the important part was that my son got to tell everyone that he made it.

Throwing a party should be a lot of fun and not a huge burden. These simple tricks are sure to lighten your workload and keep your party on budget!I

Till the next party, QC Supermom

Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Charm 9-1

Cute ideas below-

See this one.  Pocket your dollars

Dollar Stretcher, always has great tips!

Wednesday Wow! It’s Fathers Day already?

Fathers Day is coming! Are you Ready? What is really important on this special holiday is just to let our Fathers know that we love them. Let our Fathers know that they haven’t been forgotten, that we’re thinking of them and we love and appreciate them with all our hearts. Much more than any material gift, that simple gesture of love is already more than enough. But just in case you need some suggestions, I’ve come up with 5 fun, usable, cute and affordable picks that will show him he’s number one on June 17.



My husband can be a real pain sometimes. He is such a simple guy that getting him a gift daddys day6is such a hassle. The children always want to impress him. I look for something affordable that will includes the two of us getting alone time.

1 Super Dad Gift Basket: Who needs a motorcycle when they can fly right?  Make a basket with all of his favorite snacks and top it off with some creative labels to let him know how super he really is. – Nila The Candy Stylist has a few great ideas to get you going!1

2. “I love My Daddy because”: A plaque that dad is sure to cherish. Not to mention he’ll have some bragging rights about how awesome his children are wherever he decides to display it. Let the kids do all of the work.2

In Charlotte there’s a lady named Lena that does the very BEST caricatures, just in case you need a back up plan!

3. Handy Man Kit: Dads love their tools and keeping them all together and safely away from the children is a must. Build his kit with bandages, tape measures herbs for first aid, and other out of the norm, but needed items. He’ll love it. because it’s made for him, a super duper handy dad! –

4. Make a CD -Make a cd of his favorite songs. Use a regular burnable cd or one that lets you print your own label. Find and add his favorite songs. Make sure to use cds you already own, or purchase them from approved sites. Please follow all copyright laws. daddys day4

5. Write a Joke Book -With a little research and paper, you can make your dad a fun book to enjoy. Take several pieces of paper and cut or fold them to the size you want. Folding a plain piece of copy paper in half makes a nice size to work with. Write the joke on one side and the answer on the backside. Illustrate with drawing, photographs, or magazine cut outs.

Okay, I’ve given you some great ideas. Go forth grasshopper & make daddy proud! I haven’t decided yet for my husband. I still have a few days to pin something down. What I should do is load everyone up & head for the nearest buffet like he does for Mother’s Day. But naaah, hopefully he’ll be so impressed that he’ll catch on next year and step his Mother’s Day game up.

Try this!

daddys day0-Awesome printables. It’s a fill in the blank tie sheet.

Friday, I’ll have even more wonderful ideas to share!

Don’t Do Drugs? But they offered mom!

I am so heated as I type

I just found out my child was offered weed, Mary Jane, Spice, K12, blunt, bud, pot, spliff- what ever you want to call it, by a very close family member. Now, what should I do? My husband says that I am blowing it out of proportion. I think NOT!  This is my child we talking about!

What really made me furious is the fact that I thought she knew how to say “Heck No”! We see teens that “live that rebellious lifestyle” and I assume that she conceptualizes it, (as I have) as a troubled teen that needs an outlet. But it would never be her because we are always doing something positive. BUT I guess I missed something.


I am logical enough to know that it’s the thing now among kids, but for a brain as young as hers. I can’t  see how it won’t cause ill effects. So I did a little research for support. I wanted to validated my ill feelings on why young teens should not smoke weed. I found one.

Specifically, Duke University linked smoking weed to lower IQ. The study followed more than 1,000 people over several decades and recorded their marijuana use and IQ. Those who smoked regularly and who’d begun in adolescence had an average drop of eight IQ points by their 30s. “It does impact brain function and reduces one’s intellect. It has a tremendous impact on decision-making,” Dean says. People are not as apt to make good, positive decisions under the influence of marijuana.”


Putting her in a drug awareness program is sounding like the route to go for me! After a little more research I found this it seems to be helpful as well.

Parents and Prevention
Talking with your child when they are in elementary or middle school in an honest and open way can prevent drug use in the future.

(many of these tips I have tried, so my guess is that peer pressure is powerful than I thought! But do try them)

The following are tips on for how to discuss marijuana with your child:

  • Ask what he/she has heard about using marijuana. Listen carefully, pay attention, and do not interrupt. Avoid making negative or angry comments.
  • Offer your child facts about the risks and consequences of smoking marijuana
  • Ask your child to give examples of the effects of marijuana. This will help you make sure that your child understands what you talked about.
  • If you choose to talk to your child about your own experiences with drugs, be honest about your reasons, be careful not to glamorize marijuana or other drugs, and discuss the negative things and dangers that resulted from you or your friends’ drug use


Teenage girl suffered strokes, brain damage after smoking synthetic marijuana

Sometimes parents may suspect that their child is already using marijuana. The following are common signs of marijuana use:

  • Dizziness
  • Acting silly for no reason
  • Being hungry and eating more than usual
  • Red eyes or use of eye drops
  • Increased irritability or grumpiness
  • Reduced motivation and lack of interest in usual activities
  • Trouble remembering things that just happened
  • A smell on clothes, or the use of incense or other deodorizers
  • Owning clothing, posters, or jewelry encouraging drug use
  • Having pipes or rolling papers
  • Stealing money or having money that cannot be accounted for

Many teenagers believe that marijuana is safer than alcohol or other drugs. When discussing marijuana with your child, it is helpful to know the myths and the facts. The following are some common myths about marijuana:

  • “It is harmless and natural, it is only an herb, and it won’t affect me long-term”
  • “It is not addictive”
  • “It doesn’t hurt me as much as smoking tobacco”
  • “It makes me feel calm”
  • “It doesn’t affect my thinking or my grades”
  • “It’s safe because it is used as medicine for cancer and other diseases”

Effects of Marijuana
Regular use of marijuana can lead to dependence, which causes users to have a very hard time stopping. When teens use marijuana regularly, they may crave marijuana and give up important activities to use marijuana. If they stop using, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms which can include irritability, anxiety, and changes in mood, sleep, and appetite.

Marijuana can also cause serious problems with learning, feelings, and health. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana. THC affects the brain’s control of emotions, thinking, and coordination.

Use of marijuana can lead to:

  • School difficulties
  • Problems with memory and concentration
  • Increased aggression
  • Car accidents
  • Use of other drugs or alcohol
  • Risky sexual behaviors
  • Increased risk of suicide
  • Increased risk of psychosis

Long-term use of marijuana can lead to:

  • The same breathing problems as smoking cigarettes (coughing, wheezing, trouble with physical activity, and lung cancer)
  • Decreased motivation or interest
  • Lower intelligence
  • Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, moodiness, and psychosis
  • Decreased or lack of response to mental health medication
  • Increased risk of side effects from mental health medication

One thing it didn’t cover is the possibility of getting a bad mix or synthetic (man-made) marijuana-like drugs. It too is possible.  To help prevent your child from blazing, bonging, puffing, and toking start now. If you think she/he has tried it – do something, just don’t give up! Well, it’s almost time for the crew to get up. I got to go now, see you Wednesday!

Some relative links-

A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain

Parents Toll-Free Helpline

1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373)

The Parent Toolkit

Marijuana and Teens

Till the next mess, take care, QC Supermom


Friday Four: O’my it’s raining mighty hard, it must be time for Noah!

Noah Elohim is 1 today!!!   nn

I’m sitting here looking at him as he dances across the floor with his big siblings. It’s so incredible to fathom the love God has for me compared to how much I sincerely LOVE this little guy (and the rest of his siblings.)

“I said, ‘You are “gods” [Elohim] you are all sons of the Most High'”

him noah

We have a birthday boy today! My baby, Noah has hit a major milestone right during the middle of a heavy and long rain.

It’s been so nice to see how, time, love and breast milk has done such as great job for him. At his checkup yesterday is got a A+. Meaning his weight and  height was in the 50th% range with others his age. We may not get a 6’8 guy like his oldest brother Jervon, but we won’t have a Muggsy Bogues either. 🙂

Do you know what his name means:  Noah

It’s pronounced NOH-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Noah is “peaceful”. Also possibly “long-lived”, “comforter”, or “wanderer”. The patriarch survivor of the Great Flood who drifted in the ark for 40 days of rain. According to the biblical account, all the world’s nations are descended from Noah’s three sons. The name has been steadily used since the 17th century. (Noe is a Spanish form.) It has 6 variant forms: Knoa, Noach, Noak, Noe, Noe and Norrie.



It’s pronounced, Eh-loh-heem  “The Holy One, Blessed be He, said to those, You want to know my name? I am called according to my actions. When I judge the creatures I am Elohim, and when I have mercy with My world, I am named YHVH” (Ex R. 3:6). The name YHVH (from the semitic root that means “to be”) and expresses the idea of God’s closeness to humans. YHVH “breathed into his (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of life” (Genesis 2:7).  ( You can listen to it here. I LOVE the way his name is pronounced).

My husband and I created his name together after days of deliberation. We chose it for the same reason we named our other children righteous names. We want them to have something to keep them focused on someone greater then themselves.


Ok, great folks,I gotta get back to the party. Noah, is refusing to touch the birthday cake. I’d hate for him to sail away too soon to rebuild this crazy world on the account of a bad cake.
Don’t be surprise if you see the ark rolling down your street! Rain Rain go away, Noah’s 1st birthday party is today!

Yeah, I said it! Noah’s Ark……..(now watch Jennifer Hudson sing “Happy Birthday to You“)

Till the next birthday, be good, love strong & eat clean, QC Supermom


Wednesday Wow: CirQue Du Soleil and QC Supermoms GiveAway!

Cirque Du Soleil to present Quidam in Charlotte, NC!


Have you seen them before? I haven’t,  so excitement is very much so in the air at our house.

I did a little research and learned that Quidam is a thrilling combination of acrobatic artistry, technical expertise, extravagant design and exceptional musical inspiration. No doubt it sounds like my type of entertainment!

Here’s more notes from the show:

Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world – the world of Quidam – where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.

Quidam: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past and swallowed by the crowd. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming or going at the heart of our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all. This is the “quidam” whom this show allows to speak. This is the place that beckons – a place for dreaming and genuine relations where all quidams, by proclaiming their individuality, can finally emerge from anonymity.

Watch it live next month!

The first show is July 3rd at 730pm but you have a chance to win a few yourself. And for the little ones, I’ll have some fun coloring sheets to share next week.

Tickets are now on sale for Quidam at the Time Warner  Arena. QC Supermom readers can save up to 25% off ticket prices when purchased through TicketMaster with the coupon code: 

QUIDAM_Blog Offer_2013
Giveaway: Dates  July 3-7 2013 (there are no performances on the 4th of July).
Winner gets a family four pack to see the amazing Quidam at Time Warner Arena on Saturday, July 6 at 3:30 p.m.!  Answer true or false for each statement below. If it’s false, tell me the right answer would you. Winner will be announced the day before the show, so keep your eye open !


Let’s have a little trivia fun!

• 45 artists from 20 different countries
• 90 employees from 25 different countries
• 321 techs from 11 different countries

  • 70 local stage hands will be hired for load in and again load ou

• The stage is made up of 69 panels built in under 8 hours
• 15 trucks carrying the 1200,000lbs of equipment

  • 54 miles of cable is necessary to install the show

• 2,592 pieces of handmade costumes are used in the show
• The wardrobe is worth over $4,000,000
• In 2013 Quidam will visit 46 cities to perform over 320 shows
• Since the show started in 1996 more than 10,000,000 people saw Quidam


Till the next fun day, take care! -QC Supermom

An Idle Mind is the Devils Workshop: A Teens Guide to Summer #1

You’ve heard that saying before right?  An idle mind is the devils workshop. Or maybe you’ve heard it like this: The idle bodie and the idle braine is the shoppe [workshop] of the deuill, or even, “Tell him to be [a] good boy and study hard.It  all boils down to this, unless you want brain drain and a whole in your wall, find something for your child to do.

                   But what to do with your teens during the summer when school is out?


If your mind isn’t occupied with positive things you will think up trouble and get into it. You need to find something productive to do before you cause problems for yourself.- QC Supermom

Part I- -part II will be in Wednesdays wow! This series is gonna bless somebody. It’s just that good.

It is very difficult to keep your mind off of negatives when you have a lot of time to think; and nothing productive to think about. Previously I shared some great summer tips for preschoolers. Then my teens reminded me that they too deserved a blog of ideas for them to consider. So here we go. A list of geared to keep teenagers busy this summer. Most of these maybe kick started by the help of family & friends. Everyone knows somebody, right?!


The Big Sister

The Big Sister

Babysitters are paid well for their time. I have friends in Charlotte who pay their babysitters $12-$15 an hour. You could even barter your pay. Payment varies depending on the sitter’s age, kids age, duration and activities. (Being CPR certified will get you even more pay)

Car Wash attendant

Fast cash and a great workout! The common wet down on a hot day will be an extra perk! What else can I say?

Pet Walker

You don’t have to be a dog whisper to do this. Just walk the dog.I have an older friend . She has a tiny, playful dog. They walk to the mailbox together most days, but guess who can make that money on the days she’s not feeling well?  YOU! Why stop there? Go a step further. Offer to wash & dress the pet for a couple of dollars more.

Personal Assistant

I’m sure that you know some moms that are totally stretched out.(                     ) They need more hours in a day. What if you can make their day easier and get paid? Grocery, crafts, clothes, travel, even  entertainment shop for moms,and their busy families.The more options the better. Just always look for deals, frills, bells and whistles to add value to your offerings. Think perceived value!

Salon Helper  summer

Sweep, get refreshments, sell perfume, necklaces, etc. Be the person they look for for those extras just before heading out for the night! Keyword is convenience, available and adorable! (Soon you maybe able to sell on Esty with your own  signature line)

Restaurant Wait Staff

Although you’ll be on your feet for the entire shift, you’ll also learn about serving, effective communication skills and the value of a great smile. Why? Because most of your money will come from customer tips.

Camp Counselor

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind being away from home, camp counseling is a great way to enjoy the summer and make new friends. With all the socializing and activities, it’s practically as fun as being a camper. Plus, the time away from home is great prep for college life. If you are a good leader this may be for you.

“While some of your friends may be logging major couch time in front of the TV, getting nowhere, you may very well find yourself updating your resume, figuring out ways to save the Earth, or brainstorming about business ideas with other friends who, like you who don’t parents want to see a devils workshop in their house. ”- QC Supermom

Park Employee

Check out the job opportunities at state and national parks. There’s a wide range of work to be done, from guest services to concessions to getting down and dirty in the wilderness. You’ll get to work in a beautiful environment and learn about local ecology.


We found Elmo at the Herbalife party!!!

We found Elmo at the party!!!

Who said that jobs need to pay in cash? Volunteer work can give you something many paying jobs can’t: that warm fuzzy feeling.  This is an excellent  way to perk up your resume and college applications. And at the end of the day,you may have learned a new skill.

So find a way to stay busy. Be productive. Keep your mind occupied. More tips in Wednesdays post. Share it!

Till be next big question, take care!

QC Supermomidle