Wednesday Wow! It’s Fathers Day already?

Fathers Day is coming! Are you Ready? What is really important on this special holiday is just to let our Fathers know that we love them. Let our Fathers know that they haven’t been forgotten, that we’re thinking of them and we love and appreciate them with all our hearts. Much more than any material gift, that simple gesture of love is already more than enough. But just in case you need some suggestions, I’ve come up with 5 fun, usable, cute and affordable picks that will show him he’s number one on June 17.



My husband can be a real pain sometimes. He is such a simple guy that getting him a gift daddys day6is such a hassle. The children always want to impress him. I look for something affordable that will includes the two of us getting alone time.

1 Super Dad Gift Basket: Who needs a motorcycle when they can fly right?  Make a basket with all of his favorite snacks and top it off with some creative labels to let him know how super he really is. – Nila The Candy Stylist has a few great ideas to get you going!1

2. “I love My Daddy because”: A plaque that dad is sure to cherish. Not to mention he’ll have some bragging rights about how awesome his children are wherever he decides to display it. Let the kids do all of the work.2

In Charlotte there’s a lady named Lena that does the very BEST caricatures, just in case you need a back up plan!

3. Handy Man Kit: Dads love their tools and keeping them all together and safely away from the children is a must. Build his kit with bandages, tape measures herbs for first aid, and other out of the norm, but needed items. He’ll love it. because it’s made for him, a super duper handy dad! –

4. Make a CD -Make a cd of his favorite songs. Use a regular burnable cd or one that lets you print your own label. Find and add his favorite songs. Make sure to use cds you already own, or purchase them from approved sites. Please follow all copyright laws. daddys day4

5. Write a Joke Book -With a little research and paper, you can make your dad a fun book to enjoy. Take several pieces of paper and cut or fold them to the size you want. Folding a plain piece of copy paper in half makes a nice size to work with. Write the joke on one side and the answer on the backside. Illustrate with drawing, photographs, or magazine cut outs.

Okay, I’ve given you some great ideas. Go forth grasshopper & make daddy proud! I haven’t decided yet for my husband. I still have a few days to pin something down. What I should do is load everyone up & head for the nearest buffet like he does for Mother’s Day. But naaah, hopefully he’ll be so impressed that he’ll catch on next year and step his Mother’s Day game up.

Try this!

daddys day0-Awesome printables. It’s a fill in the blank tie sheet.

Friday, I’ll have even more wonderful ideas to share!

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