Parental Wisdom

“It takes a village to raise a child!”- I can’t hear or share that enough. hers

The 21st Century has brought massive changes to our world in almost every field of endeavor – science, technology, medicine, transportation, socialization, communication, publication, education and production, just to name a few.Sometimes it’s hard to keep up.I often wonder if my mother wisdom is relevant for today’s children. I was fortunate enough to be inspired by the behaviors of my parents, older sisters, pastor/honorary/grand mom, aunts, sisters, and sidewalk hustlers.

I once heard a Holocaust survivor say, “Be thankful for the dirty dishes in your sink. It means you have someplace to live and you’ve had something to eat.”

You know that voice that speaks to you….trust it!  I do most times. Over and over again it has proven to be a good guide. The guide of course are those lessons from childhood. I subconsciously received all those impressions as a litte girl. No matter how much I wanted to ignore it, their lessons are just as valuable today as it was decades ago.

Know when to pass the comb to a professional or your child. :)

Know when to pass the comb to a professional or your child. 🙂

Here are questions I ask my self to help make those difficult decisions:

— What is the potential risk and likelihood of something bad happening? What will my child learn from it?

— What will it cost me, in time, money, spirit?

There are no easy or “cookie cutter.” Say no when you must and yes when you can.

There is one huge piece of wisdom that’s been carefully handed down which I follow to the letter.

Tell your children you’re proud of them; they can’t hear it enough. Two things to get from this post. Wisdom is a practice. Start instilling it in your little ones now. and 2. If you need help. Find a wise person to follow. “For every leader was once a student.”

Happy 4th Of July, QC Supermom

parenting grandkids

Listen to a round table about African mothers here!


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