Wednesday Wow: Just a SAHM part1

I’ve never done a Wordless Wednesday. So no need to start now. Right? Today was such a busy day. I figured I would share just a tiny bit of it with you.
DIGITAL CAMERAI finally got a chance to try out my newest-to-me toy! We got it from a thrift store. Yes, you can find great things if you look well enough. I wiped the side of the funnel with menthol oil and my daughter slept wonderful. If the air is too dry in her upstairs run, her nose will bleed.

My 2year old took out at least 15 books for me to read to him today.It’s great he loves to read. I’m happy that he is able to choose from such rich collection of books. At this point he can “read ” many of them himself.



Today we worked on regrouping with my 6 year old.

He is so proud of himself. I only went through it 4 times before he had the hang of it.I did put pressure on him by placing a $10 bill over his book and told him for each question he asks, I’ll take a whole dollar off his toy money.

DIGITAL CAMERAMy 4 year old is learning to tie his shoes. I gave him a long string and did each step one at a time. It’s still coming along. (Bless his heart!)

DIGITAL CAMERAThat same fella broke one of my moms old pots.  It wasn’t my most favorite, but it was my moms. UUUGH! They, the boys have this Avengers game they role play in the house. The pot was his shield, and well, you know what happens in battle. Stuff gets destroyed. What can I say?

DIGITAL CAMERAWhat  doesn’t a 2 year old do?  His job today was to keep our 1 year old busy but he did everything except that.At one point, he had his Elmo basket on his head as at hat. Well, that how a third of my day went.How was your day?



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