Friday Four: Friend Codes

In elementary all through high school, I’ve always been the anti-clique.clu

I never have seen the use in hanging with other people. It always seems to be too much work just to fit in. Accountability is good, but gosh, I barely wanted to answer to my own parents.4th DeeDa

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned the value of connections. Even more so once I started working from home. Today, I wouldn’t say that I’m cliquish, but I am grateful to have the handful of girlfriends I have. It has taken me 30 something years to find women that I like, respect  and appreciate. Without a doubt, I treasure every moment that I can spend with them; which is few and in between. In a way, I guess it’s true that with age does come wisdom.

Thank God for social media and the World Wide Web for helping me keep these relationships intact.-Kelle

For my daughters, I want them to know how to be a friend at a very young age, and find friendships where competition and insecurity are replaced by encouragement and trust. No clique, just good pals.

Deiyda, Cassie & Adore

Deiyda, Cassie & Adore

The bridges they build today can open up amazing doors as they get older. I hope these four nuggets of wisdom and will serve them well.

  1. True girlfriends are those who take and give in equal measure – but always remember to measure over the length of a yard and not over the length of an inch.
  2. Don’t flirt with her boyfriend, spouse or love interest.
  3. If you find a friend that can make you laugh so hard you pee….don’t let her go.
  4. Apologize when you screw up, because you will.

2 Bonus nuggets:  DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Be trustworthy”A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” (Proverbs 11).
  2. You have been placed in each other’s lives with great purpose. Cherish each other.

I’m watching the kids grow up so fast before my eyes…..and I like it. laws

Well. till the next adventure, take care, QC Supermom!

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