Friday Four: Tax Free Weekend Shopping Tips

no taxAre you prepared for the busy crowds, long lines, aggravating parking space fights and aggressive shoppers that is affectionately known as Tax Free Weekend?

Shop Smart & make your dollar STRETCH!

Shop Smart & make your dollar STRETCH!

For a few days during July or August, 17 states will temporarily suspend sales tax in the hopes of spurring economic growth. At other times of the year, tax-free shopping days focus on items like hurricane preparedness supplies, hunting supplies or Energy Star products, but late-summer sales tax holidays offer savings on clothing and school supplies in anticipation of kids heading back to school. But is it worth it? Let’s see.

Back-to-school shopping is big business for retailers

With the new tax deal this year, the annual tax-free holidays for school supplies and Energy Star appliances will not continue as of 2014. This will be the last year that this event is held.

(If your state doesn’t offer Tax Free Weekend, these strategies may help change that! )

Here’s four strategies to use while shopping

1.Don’t over shop in the name of saving. “Whether or not you’re shopping during one of these tax break holidays, always go in with a list so you don’t get carried away.”

2. Compare prices. Check weekly sales flyers online before you drive to the store so you’ll know what’s on sale.

3.Watch for price drops. Retailers’ policies on price adjustments vary, but some will refund you the difference if the price on an item you’ve purchased drops within seven, 14 or 30 days. To help keep track of pricing changes, use, which will email or text you when the item goes on sale.

4. Bring snacks! The worst thing you can do is take the kids out out on a empty stomach AND without snacks. You’re asking for trouble.

Happy Tax-Free holiday, to shoppers and retailers, who know every little bit counts even for us home schoolers!  

(More tips here on participating states and DOR listing! CLICK HERE!)

Some stores offer additional discounts or promotions

Some stores offer additional discounts or promotions


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