Friday Four: Cruise for 10 or BUST!

sekietha  trip


Sure the summer is slowly but surely rolling out, but I am So ready to take my family on a cruise! We’ve NEVER been on one.

seithka tri seikethaaaa sekkkkk seithaaaa seitha se seikh seikat sei seikeithaI had to meditate before writing this. Seriously. My friend just came from vacation with her family and I just can’t seem to make it past the Carolina’s, but they were on a international themed cruise.Talk about awkward. I was super excited for her; smiling from ear to ear while looking at each picture, and envious at the same dang time! Thinking to myself, now how will I get my crew on deck.

seki fiona

My friend, lady “S”, is the sweetest. Her husband is the kindest. Her son’s are 2 of the most charismatic little fellas ever. I love being around them as a family, because it reminds me how celebrating family times together is so important.  She often says that I inspire her, but she inspires me as well.

She and I met almost two years ago at Story time. Even then, she was telling me about money saving travel strategies. She knew  EVERYTHING, including the Secret Verandah and Porthole rooms.

I clare the grass can be just as clean with a little work. So, this year I will begin planning a cruise for my family. I already know that it will be incredible to impossible to get it done within the next 12 months but my plan is to have ours booked by the time the girls graduate from high school in two years. 

I do know that I don’t want to have to sit through any presentations to get it….On second thoughts, why not? Anyhoots here are a few tips I got from her: She first told me that the cost of the trip really depends on time of year, which ship you are cruising on, length of the cruise, the itinerary and what type of accommodations you are looking for. She suggested that cruses were actually less expensive than other options by the time they figured hotel, meals, entertainment, etc.for her family of four. Hmm, I wonder what I can do with my family of 9?

1. Turn on auto pilot. “The very best way to save money is to take it off the top before you even see it and pitch in as a family. Contributing allowances, gift money and spare change as a group helps everyone take responsibility for the expenses of an exciting travel adventure. Save, Save, EVERYONE  SAVE and throw it in the pot!

The very first rule of thumb is to book in the less cruised months (November – March EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS).

2.Check to see if you can save money by purchasing tickets to attractions in advance. Many amusement parks offer up to 20% off for advance booking. Check to see how far in advance you must book to qualify for the discount.

Get their Special Deals Newsletter: Go to their website and search for deals and sign up for their newsletter. This will keep you in the loop about all of their specials and deals

3. Sign Up for Flash Sale Groups – Online marketing groups that offer flash sales generally have big-ticket items available at bargain-basement prices for a very short time. Signing up for these groups can help you save big and you can put the money you would have spent away for your family trip.

Disney gives Military Discounts to those who are active duty in the United States military. –

4. Visit Professionals in Training – Rather than spending a small fortune on haircuts, teeth cleanings and other basic services, consider visiting your local training center. There, professionals in training will perform these services with the supervision of a skilled instructor at a fraction of the cost!

Book Adjoining Cabins: Sometimes if you are traveling with a large family, it is actually cheaper to book 2 adjoining rooms in a lower category rather than booking an expensive suite category. You will also have an extra bathroom this way, which is SO important when traveling with a lot of passengers.

Bonus tips-  Get DIY Savvy – There are so many things you can do at home for a fraction of the price of purchasing store-bought goods, all you need is a bit of know-how. Online tutorials for everything from making butter to building furniture are plentiful.

Hold a Garage Sale – The garage sale is a time-honored tradition that can help you create more space in your home as well as collect a bit of pocket money. Holding a garage sale with the intention of putting 100% of the proceeds towards your vacation is a great way to jump-start your vacation savings account.

See, with a little work my grass will be just as green over here! I thank my friend for inspiring me to do something this special for my family. Love you “S”!


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Till the next booking, Take care, QC Supermom.


PS.- I will blog for travel…..(just putting it out there ya’ll!)

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