Wednesday WoW! She’s Here! JC is here!!

Excitement isn’t the word. Humbled isn’t either. Blessed ….”Yes!”,that sounds more like it. After 15 years my daughter is here. Lots of lesson learned and even more to discover during this new chapter in our live. One bit of advice hat I can pass on is to Never -EVER- allow family to help take care of your child. It was wonderful of them  to help me when I needed it the most, but it’s my turn to truly bond with her. She needs to know that she belongs and that I need her as much as she needs me. It has taken me 15 years to get her back. Sure, I had her for breaks  and what not not but it’s not the same. Do I have work to do or what? Lord be with me on this one, but I am so ready to welcome her full time into our home…..OUR HOME…. gosh that sounds good!

JC and her brother Eaim

JC and her brother Eaim

JC and her brother Jervon

JC and her brother Jervon

She doesn’t have to call me mom

I will try my est to keep her in her previous standard of living.

I will help her become who she wants to be as an adult and professional

I promise to share her with her dad, as she is a daddies girl.

I will continue to try to put myself in her shoes when she does something out of our so called norm. Am I missing anything? This is a new dance I’ve never done before. Do I take her to Chuckie Cheese or have a spa night with cucumbers? Oh my, I  love my LARGE family and is so very proud of it!

Till I hear from you, take care, QC Supermom  JC driving

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