The EleFun toy Product Review

My 4th son got one of the blue elephants last summer for his 2nd birthday. It was the cutest lil thing.

Tehun's Birthday gift.

Tehun’s Birthday gift.

He received it as a birthday gift from his big brother and his girlfriend.I was so careful with it & wouldn’t let him open it. Eventually, we got around to opening the sealed box this July and to our surprise the blue plastic nose never expelled any butterfly’s. We had to take the nose off, but then the butterflys would have the worst blow out ever.

A proper product would have forced the plastic butterflys out from the nose for he and his brothers to catch it in the net.  TeHun was so confused. Yet he still played with it. It wasn’t the work out I expected but it made the cutest fan. Note to self, always get a receipt or at best secure an option to return items.- Lesson learned there.


When I heard about this product sharing opportunity I jumped at it.  I thought to myself, time for a come-up. We can’t get two duds in a row can we? I haven’t told him yet. What a great surprise it would be to have an improved product that actually works.


If I get chosen for the ” CHASIN’ CHEEKY Playdate” house party, I’m inviting everyone!

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