Friday Four: Not Another Wellness Fair!

This year, we have been to at least 4 community fairs. Each of them were different. Some made me wonder why I even wasted my time, gas and energy attending and other were more like… hmmm this is ok. The kids are having a blast. Well out of the two we attended today, I went to two we attended today, I can honestly say that although it wasn’t the Total Children’s Wellness Fair, they were ok.

I think all fairs should do these four things:

1. Engage- ( fun ways to increase awareness and spark conversation that could foster deeper contemplation and even lifestyle change long after the health fair.  )

2, Educate ( to keep your target market up to date on any and all new resources)

3, Entertain (sure they come for the information, goodies and social opportunities, but nothing bests live entertainment)

4,Empower- ( In my mind, every person should leave a fair thinking of ways to be healthier. After all isn’t that the point of the fair? )

Well, there you have it, my Friday four! What do you expect from a community Fair?












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