Good Old Fashion Hair Tips!

hair sizzle      It has taken me over 37 years to figure out how to best take care of my hair. At one point I was putting lotion in my hair to make it look like something! I really had no clue. My mom hot combed our hair as little girls. It looked nice but it was breaking our hair off. We’ll to think of it, it only broke my hair off. But yet I got it done because to us it looked good once done.


Well, as they say, when you learn better, you do better!

I don’t want my children to have the same hair challenges. I really don’t. So I’ve been talking with people and watching videos, and so have my 13 yo daughter. her hair has grown 5 inches over 6 months.- That’s really good!

I remember doing a product review for Paul Mitchell a few weeks ago. The stuff was really good. My hair loved it. good hair

She surfs up everything online!

She surfs up everything online!

I was a bit upset with the amount of hair loss I had. The hair

dresser at Wal-Mart

 give me some great tips on how to take care of my hair. He was is smart!!! Male hair dress

ers RULE!!!

Today, I know that to have hair and to have it abundantly, you must give it time! Unless of course you want a wig.  

With all that hair....why is she mad?  Her mammy should be crying!

With all that hair….why is she mad? Her mammy should be crying!

Have a routine he suggested!-

A. Do not detangle dry hair. Spray the hair with just water then add some detangling cream or a leave-in conditioner or even a rinse-out conditioner to soften the hair further, even if you’re about to wash. Better yet, use your fingers to detangle!

 B. Shampoo  just once (every 10 days with shampoo & then  rinse with peppermint oil )  then

C. Condition  Detangle in sections and the condition. D. Moisturize and plait or twist each sectionThat’s it!


  1. Spritz some water on
  2. Cover head in a shower cap while getting ready if hair is  very dry
  3. Add a little creamy moisturize and an oil to seal
  4. Style. Simple right?

I can’t wait to try a few of the products that just arrived in the mail for product review! Oh well, time to go grow some hair! QC Supermom

Big Hair Dont care!'Beautiful right? Check this page out. This lady is awesome! Don’t forget this page. She has the best tips ever. Last but not least the petroleum issue.

Till the next big coil, QC Supermom

Big Hair Don’t care!’Beautiful right?

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