Teens Can Volunteer


  1. Homeless Shelters
    If you live in a city of any size, then there is at least one homeless shelter that helps homeless people with meals, beds and other services. Most homeless shelters welcome volunteers and have a variety of programs through which you can get involved. You might help prepare or distribute meals, work behind the scenes in the business office, help organize a food drive to stock the pantry, etc.
    . Look in the phone book for a local homeless shelter if you are interested.
    1. Food Banks
            Food banks often work with homeless shelters, but they also serve


          poor people living in the community (especially around the holidays). Food banks collect food, manage their inventory and distribute food to those in need.

      Any food bank will offer similar opportunities in your area. Look in the phone book for a local food bank if you are interested.

    2. The Sweater Project
          If you would like something to do in your spare time at home, one innovative way to volunteer is to get involved in
           People around the country knit sweaters that are then sent to needy children around the world.


    3. Ronald McDonald House   There are Ronald McDonald Houses around the country – almost every major city has one. The idea behind all Ronald McDonald Houses is very important. When a child is seriously ill, the child is frequently treated for long periods of time at a hospital or university medical center. Many families have to travel long distances to get to the hospital, and “where to stay” becomes a problem. Staying at a hotel becomes extremely expensive, and a hotel can be a lonely and sterile place. Ronald McDonald Houses provide a low-cost “home-away-from-home” for parents and children to stay during treatment. Volunteers help prepare meals, talk to families, take care of the house and so on.
    4. 1 rmh 2Special Olympics“Special Olympics is an international program of year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with mental retardation.” The site also describes a wide variety of volunteer activities, including sports training, fund raising, administrative help, competition planning and staffing, etc.
    5. Habitat for Humanities
            Habitat for Humanities builds and gives houses to poor people in local communities. Volunteers not only help others, but can learn a great deal about building houses by getting involved.

      me and joyce

        •  State Parks   Many state parks offer volunteer programs, and in these programs you can try anything from educational programs to trail construction and maintenance.
         Contact a state park near you and see what options are available if you are interested.
    6. Helping Others Learn to Read
            When you think about it, reading is one of the most important skills an adult can have. Many adults, however, have never learned how to read. Literacy volunteers act as tutors who help illiterate children and adults learn this important skill. There is probably a literacy program in your area.
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