Wednesday Wow: Teens should Volunteer

My teens are always looking for ways to stay busy. We left off on Monday talking about ways teens can volunteer, make a difference and even learn something while helping others. The list continues here:

FFA Offer CLT D30


Many hospitals have volunteer programs to help patients both inside and outside the hospital.

ore medical careers and gain work experience. Contact local hospitals to learn more about opportunities in your area.

  1. Libraries

Many libraries need help reshelving books, running children’s programs, making books available to the community, and so on.. Contact a local library for volunteer opportunities in your area.

  1. Senior Citizens Centers

Many senior citizen centers offer volunteer programs to provide friendship and community activities to senior citizens. If you would like working with senior citizens, call a senior citizen center in your neighborhood and see what kinds of volunteer programs they have available.

  1. Animal Shelters

Many animal shelters are non-profit or government organizations, and therefore they welcome volunteers to help take care of animals, keep facilities clean and work with the public. Call a local animal shelter for more information.

The United Way

is a nationwide umbrella organization for thousands of charitable organizations. The United Way raises billions of dollars and distributes it to these charities. There are local United way affiliates across the country and they need volunteers. Contact your local affiliate for more information.

Red Cross The American Red Cross

helps people in emergencies – whether it’s half a million disaster victims or one sick child who needs blood. Volunteer opportunities exist across the country. Contact your local Red Cross for more information.

The Salvation Army

provides social services, rehabilitation centers, disaster services, worship opportunities, character building activities for all ages and character building groups and activities for all ages. Volunteer opportunities exist across the country.

Environmental Organizations encourages volunteer support to help with environmental activities. You can help in many ways: by helping lobby on conservation issues, by leading hikes and other activities, or by lending a hand at the Chapter Office. Contact the local office of an environmental organization near you.

Political Campaigns

If it’s an election year, there are thousands of opportunities to volunteer in political campaigns around the country. You can learn more than you imagine by helping a candidate win election.. Pick a candidate whose ideas you believe in (either on the local, state or national level) and volunteer to be a part of his or her campaign.

Web site creation

Many small charities and organizations do not yet have web sites. You can help by learning how to create a web site and volunteering your services. You could also raise money to pay for the web site, or seek help from a local company in the form of a donation.

After all that volunteering. Be sure to reward your teen. Mine still LOVES Disney On ice! They will be here next week! Get your tickets!!!!

Visit us them Facebook at or themed pictures for ticketing information.

(We gave away a family four pack. Winners= will be announced THIS Friday in the Friday Four Blog post)

Cassie helps Ms Artie!

Cassie helps Ms Artie!


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