This year something was different. It seemed shorter. Familiar but edited.  In the middle of everything, I was happy to be able to provide my children an opportunity to feel light and lost in a sweet, fun dream.

It still amazes me how everyone seen something different during the show.

We got AMAZING seats, we were able to really take in everything. The only bad thing i would say about sitting too close is that when they use the decorative smokes (Which are not harmful), it does give off a smell. Even that’s not too bad if you get good enough seats.


We had incredible seats!

We had incredible seats!

I tell you, Disney On Ice never disappoints. The children absolutely loved it. Even the teens thought it was another great night in the World of Disney. This was the first time we actually bought meals from the arena…… bad idea! Please eat before you go out there. The selection and price was a stretch. So would I go again, Hecks-Yeah!

Didn’t you see the smile on those beautiful faces?  The show was sold out tonight. So hurry as they say, haste makes waste, in the Queen City.

Till the next show, take care, QC Supermom1 a DOI

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