Wednesday WoW! Disney On Ice,”Let’s Celebrate” 2013 in The QC: THE REVIEW

We picked up our tickets. Said our hellos and glad to see yous. We made the strategic stop at the potty and found our way to our seat. Although we’ve gone before, thrilled’ was the word for the night as Disney On Ice presents “Let’s Celebrate!” began in the QC!1 a DOI

The incredible music was there, the lovely costumes and thrill was humorus. Even the bloopers were funny and cute. I had my crew of teens to toddlers with me and each of us left smiling!  I was happy to be able to provide my children an opportunity to feel light and lost in a sweet, fun dream. As you know, real life can be so stressful, even for our children.


We had great SEATS!!!!!

We had great SEATS!!!!!

Although I wouldn’t take anything for the show, I did notice that this year something was different; it seemed shorter. Maybe it’s just me. I’m weird -who knows?! But ask me if I would I go again, Hecks-Yeah!Get your tickets today! The show was sold out tonight last night. So hurry as they say, “Haste makes Waste!”

Thank you Feld Entertainment for the opportunity to share my expeirence with my friends, fans and families! ~ QC Supermom

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