Friday 4: QC, the Fresh EXPO is HERE!!!!!

My how time fly’s! It seems like just yesterday I was  striking a pose with some hair purple guy at the Convention Center downtown. If you didn’t go, here’s what happened last year!  

The slideshow from the 1st Fresh Expo in the QC –Click here!

I had a set of tickets to give away for the expo. We received them yesterday. Since it was such short notice I gave them to a mom that I felt would most benefit from the experience.  There’s just so much to learn there. SURE it’s not The Total Children’s Wellness Fair, but yeah, you can’t have it all now can you?


TeHun has been playing with my camera. Bless his heart! Maybe, he’ll be my photographer for this evening, You never know. Just in case, I’ll

I'm not sure what Star was doing to get this dirty for the few minutes she was out, but TeHun got it on camera.

I’m not sure what Star was doing to get this dirty for the few minutes she was out, but TeHun got it on camera. (looks like she had fun though)

be picking up another pack of batteries as I don’t want to miss anything!

Here’s four points regarding The Fresh Expo and The Total Children’s Wellness Fair:

1. The Fresh! Expo! is a “Natural, Organic & Healthy Living” consumer event hosted in Charlotte that brings together local and national companies whose common goal is to increase awareness on healthier forms of living.

2. The Total Children’s Wellness Fair is a celebration of the seven branches of wellness. It includes the Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Educational, Nutritional, Physical and Financial needs of our youth from the unborn to the 12th grader. It’s hosted in Charlotte and and brings together the best local and national community partners, small business owners, and larger companies. The focus is 100% child centered.

3. The Fresh Expo has loads of goodies to try and buy! So does the Total Children’s Wellness Fair. As a matter of fact. The cost to attend, vend and promote is very affordable at the latter. The Total Children’s Wellness Fair is free to attend and for vendors it’s a pie of cake to join in.

4. The Total Children’s Wellness Fair strives to showcase the community as diverse as our population is. Our vendors, participants and entertainment is a direct ethnic representation of the attendees! For us, everyone sees a message directed to them.

Both are two great events to attend! See you there, QC Supermom

Fresh Expo


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