QC 2013 The Fresh Expo: The Review

It came, it thrilled, and it inspired! Everything I was looking for, I found it there for myself, husband, our children, home and even for our dog.

You know, most people could care less about eating well till someones dies or become very sick. As a mom, wife and friend, I want to equip myself with resources before I need them. The Fresh Expo did just that! They kicked “heath fears” in the butt!  I learned more ways and resources that we CAN use to eat  and live well, with out GMO’s,  all while feeling amazing!

HealthForce Nutritionals has a great line! Jerri and her family are incredible producers.

HealthForce Nutritionals have a great line! Jerri and her family are incredible producers.

We started with this fantastic burlap bag from Wholesome Sweeteners, (pretty big bag huh?) By the time we left, it was filled with samples and other goodies that we got great deals on! Photo: Want this?  FIRST COME FIRST GIVEN!  Attendees to The Fresh! Expo receive not only this beautiful reusable burlap tote from Wholesome Sweeteners but all the GREAT treats to be had inside!  Hope you will be joining us!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Grab your spot: http://www.thefreshexpo.com

I was so happy to see some of the vendors from last year & some wonderful new ones. And the food…… it was delicious!


Ok, please excuse me while I name drop…..but I just loved the vendors I actually spoke with!

We got a belly FULL of clean food and drinks! The cheese guy from KerryGold made my day. I learned so much about different cheeses. I considered moving to Ireland. Just kidding.

One of my daughters was impressed with the self defense table. They had pink pepper spray guns. Cute right?  Another daughter I had the hardest time pulling her from the skin care booth. Good thing I wore my youngest son, the middle aged boys didn’t want to leave the Kids Zone. I couldn’t let them miss all those great samples that was offered, so I sorta lured them with food.

One of my colleges, Shari Spector told me that I had just missed her mentor. She was a Keynote Speaker.  Fit to the Finish‘s Diane Carbonell shared tips on energizing your life through smart food choices! She’s been on the Dr. Mehmet Oz show sharing her inspiring weight loss story! Shari mentioned that she was basically told to go home a die. She healed herself with food…. REAL FOOD.Photo: BREAKING NEWS:  Diane Carbonell of Fit to the Finish has been added as one of our keynote speakers!  Her weight loss story is truly inspirational!  Not to mention her motivating book!  She will be available for a book-signing as well! Who can’t respect that??? Even our dog, Star got treats! She was so happy to get those sneaky treats. I call them sneaky because a few of them looked just like Uldis snacks. That’s right, no spirit left behind. The Humane League – Charlotte Office was there passing out information across from the Kids Zone and my favorite baby line, Happy Family.

Noah is still breastfed. When he come up from nursing, he is very selective of what he eats. He loves the new bar line they have came out with.

Noah is still breastfed. When he come up from nursing, he is very selective of what he eats. He loves the new bar line they have came out with.


These (in the following kink) shared the HEALTHY CHEF STAGE and here’s few other vendors that was there.

Sassier You, Jennifer from Sugar Bear Skin Care ,Lenny Boys & Edible Charlotte was there too! (O’gosh, I love their magazine!)

Are you getting the big picture here? The Fresh Expo was pretty good! If you missed it, no worries, they’ll be back in about 360 days. I heard they will have a Doula there next year. …..Hmmmm.

Ok, i’m off to use those Veganaise and Amazing Grass coupons! Later friends!  🙂 QCSupermom

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