Friday 4: QC Supermom’s Week In review

It just hit me. We never stay home.  I guess it’s my fault. As a home schooler, I make it a priority to create as many progressive opportunities for them as possible. But I think it has back fired on me.DIGITAL CAMERA

Yesterday I wanted to stay in and get some rest.  I have been in over drive all week long with the planning of The Total Children’s Wellness Fair. But naaah, my kids just couldn’t get it that mama was tired.

INSTEAD this is what we did:

Talk about the fun to be had there!

Talk about the fun to be had there!We went to check on a family friend. It’s t

1. My husband and I set out on a date to the car auction. Yes, it was a date. We didn’t take another soul with us away from the house.

2. I took the girls to check on a family friend. He’s a teen parent. Yes, there is a lesson in that as well. I was pretty relieved that they both knew that although no child is a mistake, teenage pregnancies CAN throw you off your game of life.

I think he'll be just fine.

I think he’ll be just fine.

3. Total Science Day! Everyone wanted to do a different science project on the same day. We usually complete science projects once a month, but last month we derailed a bit. So for them it was open season. Some made cashew nut butter with Carissa, my niece, others discovered how water molecules hold together. One daughter begged to see the insides of a grasshopper. They were all over the place. But we did them all. That day.  Thank God for my husband having those days off.


4. The Jr WearHouse  annual Breast Cancer Awareness event. The guest speaker, Jodi Huebner-Marquez, was amazing!! What a brave soul. My daughters even enjoyed listening to her.  Charlotte Radiology,Susan G. Komen for the Cure Charlotte AffiliateCarolina Breast Friends,The boys enjoyed  Brixx Wood Fired Pizza and Fuze drinks. At one point I do remembering removing the plastic breast sample from their lil all-male hands.  The pink ladies were just beautiful. Those ladies really put in work for that 90 minute event. It was a pleasure to meet the new director as well. Congrats to her!

Well, I better go join the family and rest. No telling what they have planned for the weekend.

The 4th Annual Total Children's Wellness Fair is 11.16.13. Don't miss it!

The 4th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair is 11.16.13. Don’t miss it!

I love my life. But this week was a challenge. I hope that I can sleep in Saturday before we had out for the day.Wish me best!  ~QC Supermom

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