Toxins Suck! I’m telling my Senator!

What is a toxin? Where do they come from? How do they effect my family & how do I get rid of them? And last but not least, does it really matter? moth

I’m from the south and none of these questions meant a thing to me growing up. Sure, we heard of lead poisoning, but no one I knew ate paint chips, so we were safe. Had someone came in and said “Kelle-Keisha, you can’t roll or sleep on that new carpet. I would have thrown a fit. But thanks to the ability to research, I know better now.

Today every time you turn around there is something else you have to worry about. So much so, that you have to figure out,if it’s worth the effort to even change. After loosing one daughter at 11 years old. It made sense for me to consider everything. And so we did with out any delay. Not only did we change our diet and started buying air vents on time; we did a 100% over haul.

I’ve done my part. tox

We stopped using air fresheners- we now use herb based mixtures.

We stopped using pesticide grown food (well sorta) – we now wash everything before we eat it, if it isn’t organic.

We stopped using strong chemicals to clean- that stuff required opening windows AND holding our breath. Now we use more baking soda, vinegar and oil based mixtures, I still use bleach for laundry and  hard jobs(with the windows open of course).

We stopped using Bisphenol A /BPA(it’s a bad chemical used in most plastic production. Although it’s harder to keep up with the boys BPA free things, it’s worth it. We now use more glass items, which includes mason jars as cups.

We even got rid of our moth balls! That was a hard habit to break. But once we learned that those cute, smelly, white balls could cause headaches and irritation to nose, throat and lungs, we stopped buying them! Instead, we make sachets from dried lavender/ cedar and equal parts dried rosemary and mint. 

I want Congress to do their part! tox

Our voices are needed not only to keep legislation moving forward, but also to tell them that any serious effort must include the following commonsense measures to protect children and communities from dangerous chemicals:

1. Make clear protections for children, pregnant women, and hotspot communities heavily affected by pollution and toxic chemicals.

2. Allow states to progress on toxics and support their right to be more protective than federal standards.

3. Require that chemicals be shown safe to remain in use, rather than require they be shown harmful to be removed.

4. Empower the EPA to move quickly on the worst chemicals, including bans and phase outs if necessary.

5. Establish timetables and deadlines to ensure timely decisions are made to protect public health from dangerous chemicals.

Do you know this girl?

I can't tell you how much I miss this child. Words could never explain it. I hate thinking if it was avoidable.

I can’t tell you how much I miss this child. Words could never explain it. I hate thinking if it was avoidable.

No,she isn’t your daughter, the president’s love child, but she’s just as important and she had Auto Immune Hepatitis. She past at just 11 years old. Her name is SaMya T. Pressley-Scott and she’s my daughter. I fight toxins for her, her siblings and yours too.Help fight for your babies with me & Mom’s Rising. Together we can keep our babies toxin free*! PLEASE SIGN THE LETTER BELOW!

Sign this letter to your Senator!

Thank you, QCSupermom

Great resources for locating toxins in your home

Toxins in your kids things

10 steps to reducing common toxins in your house


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