Wednesday WoW! Our Family’s Bucket List

NOTHING compares to the gift of time. NOTHING!

NOTHING compares to the gift of time. NOTHING!

Have you ever heard of a family bucket list? I haven’t. I just knew that there were a couple of things that I would love to do before all of my children graduated from “school.” Well that was till I turned to the Steve Harvey Show. He has a show that grants such wishes. How lovely right?

As it turns out it’s a growing trend among busy parents who have been other wise occupied with “life” and want to cover all important bases before the “Big Alarm Clock” goes off.

I was sitting here, and I just though to myself, “Kelle, you need to take your kids on a REAL vacation!”  They will all be out the house and the last thing you want to happen is they never really get a chance to bond with each other in their own special way.” I kept that thought to myself because I know what my husband would say if I said it to him.”Girl, these kids love each other. They’ll always have each other’s back. We have more important ways to spend money.” Well, he’s  kinda right.Go ahead and call me crazy, but I just imagine them being this loving way out of habit. Because it’s their sibling. Not because they have built a intellectual understanding of each other. I’ve seen too many grown siblings trying to cut off each others neck. I don’t want my children to ever be like that. If a cruise offers a chance to build substantial bonds, I’ll try it.

From diapers to back pack in no time!

From diapers to back pack in no time!

Here’s my Family Bucket List:

  1. Take all 8 kids and my husband on a cruse. (It would be nice to get away from the hustle of our life for a intimate retreat)
  2. Own a house with 8 bedrooms and a huge yard, 2 bathrooms 2 1/2 baths, 2 car garage, a workshop, fitness center and basement (It’s possible. I married an carpenter for goodness sake)
  3. Every family member learn how to maintain their on wellness. (I figured, if they learn about God,population control, history and law early enough, they will be a force to be reckoned with)
  4. I will live to assist in the birth of all my grandchildren (don’t all doulas wish for this?)
  5. Get my husband on a date in a 3 piece suit.  (Yes, I’m pushing it, but a girl can wish right?)

I’m not asking for too much am I? Need help making your families bucket list? (Use this link!)

It Can Be Done! ~QC Supermom


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