Friday Four: My Birthday, My Yearly Self Evaluation. Hold the cake please!

b day me againIt’s been almost 365 days since my last evaluation I’m so grate full to have another year. I’m up for my “job review”. It’s just like any review. What I have accomplished. What I failed at, and what I would like to improve on as well as where I see myself by the next review.

1st pedicure ever this year at 37 ears old.

1st pedicure ever this year at 37 ears old.

Overall, I would give myself a B+.This past year was filled of many uncertain events. Some were good some bad and others were incredible. My best moments included having Noah Elohim and becoming a doula. The biggest challenge was our 6 month displacement in the hotel and my obstacles with JC, my daughter. Even with those issues, its been worth it to be where I am today!  Which has brought me to my focus for this new year. I have PLANS! (doesn’t everyone do this?)

These are my four goals for next year:

1. Complete the QC Supermom’s “Motherhood 101′ line. (that is all I will say on that.Just watch out for some great things for motherhood!)

2. Grow the doula partnerships and supplemental services initiatives. I want to continue working at home even after I finish nursing Noah.  For all of the experiences I earned over the years, it would be a disservice to not maximize it.

3. Become more aggressive in collective self sufficiency. Gardening, and diy projects are a start, but there is so much more to do. I just believe that days of job security is few and in-between. it’s surly the days where the strongest survives.

4. Position my children to think more often with the end in mind. Did you know that Origami Owl was started by a teenager? Isabella “Bella” Weems has her entire family in the business. That’s brilliant! Origami Owl, a custom jewelry company whose direct sales business model turns would-be entrepreneurs into salespeople and evangelists.

So what her mother had a bout with the law. It didn’t prohibit their success in any way. The girl has made $215 MILLION creating and selling  “jewelry bars,” supplies!

This is where I take out my bull horn: “You can hold me to my past if you want to but I am not looking back there. My future is ahead of me.- Christian “Chrissy” Weems

What about  Zandra Azariah Cunningham the thirteen year old entrepreneur? She owns a fruitful business. It’s called Azariah’s Innocence, a natural bath & body product line. I want that for my children.

Ok,drop the party hats & back to the drawing board. No party this year.I have a lot of work to do before next years reveiw, Onward I go!

Happy New Year To Me!~QC Supermom

QC Supermom  Birthday Reveiw

QC Supermom
Birthday Reveiw

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