Wisdom Howard Be Thy Name!


Are you fortunate enough to have an old wise adviser? Someone that has lived life and have learned lessons well enough to give you sound advice? I loved listening to my grand dad. He was such a wise and understanding man. I loved how he taught through humor, failures and successes. From him, I learned the value of hard work and loving my children enough to create a stable environment for them.  desp

I have a 70ish year old girlfriend too! She reminds me of the “clean up woman”,you know, Betty Wright. Well, that was in her hay day. Sitting down with her has benefited me by granting me the knowledge to value my husband.

A few years ago, I met this beautiful lady by the name of “Mrs. Barbara.” She is the best put together older wife that I know. Her hair is simple, yet neat, Her skin and smile are beautiful. Even her toes are manicured. I admire the way she keeps herself up. She once told me to stop wearing so many dark colors. She said “Kelle, you’re too young to dress in such dark colors.” It was a hard habit but over the years, I’ve gotten better. I am grateful for the guidance.

meeI have also been blessed with older men as advisors. When I was at my lowest right after my daughter passed. “Mr Clarence” said “Get through and get back!” I have kept that in my head for years. As I’ve found it to be relative in other parts of my life. 

Monday was a different day. I sat in the pews of my church, I was told about this amazing man that had no worries. Two Fridays ago, Mr Howard walked in the Kappas House and danced his way to the dance floor with his beloved. I was there to see the smile on both of their faces. It was a incredible birthday celebration. Then to find out he slept away in his Sunday night rest blew my mind.I knew him as the cool guy the kids volunteered with at Loaves & Fishes. He never whispered a negative word.about anyone. But what I didn’t know was he was a veteran, he loved to travel he was incredibly sweet and caring. I honestly felt like I missed out on learning from him. You don’t live to be 74 these days & fill a church by being just a regular guy.

DIGITAL CAMERAMy plans for Thanksgiving are simple. We are going to surprise my aging aunt and uncle with a visit. They only have one child and I figure that she could use the help. I want to say thank you to them for always believing in me while growing up and that although I don’t call or visit as I would like I’m always thinking of them.

There is so much to be learned from older wiser adults.Never miss an opportunity to say hello. Ask their name and even inquire about when they were younger.It won’t be wasted time and you may find out something new and useful. Now, if you can get them to dance or sing with you, you’re super lucky!

My husband and father in law

My husband and father in law

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