Friday Four: 4 Secrets Debt Collectors Hate

Earlier on Facebook, I shared a really big secret about debt collectors.

debt mon

Wanna tell the debt collector that you’ll pay them when pigs fly?

You maybe able to do just that.

I shared that some debt may become stale/ noncollectable. The debit gets really old and based on the state that you are in, after say, 4-7 years, you are no longer bond to pay it. HOWEVER, if you voluntarily offer a payment on a stale debt, that action can revive the debt and make it legally collectible, Before I go any further, let’s be clear, there should never be a point in your life that you should choose to create bills that you have no intention to pay. This list is for those that need a hand up, not a hand out.

Here are a few more tips that will free up the stress level and funds to use wisely at your favorite small business this holiday season. debt save

1.Collectors will always try to create a false sense of urgency by imposing a series of deadlines, after which ‘this deal will no longer be available.’ The reality is that settlement or workout offers tend to improve over the course of a typical 3-month collection assignment.

2. If you can’t pay the collector the amount he is demanding, or refuse to give your bank account or debit card number to make the payment, the debt collector may threaten to “put you down for ‘refusal to pay.’ ” But that’s “a meaningless phrase in the debt collection world.

3. You aren’t responsible for the debts of relatives who died unless you were a co-signer.

4.The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very clear that once you tell a debt collector your employer doesn’t allow you to talk with her while you are at work, she must stop calling you there.By continuing to contact consumers at work under these circumstances, debt collectors may put them in jeopardy of losing their jobs,

Now, you have some powerful tools. Use them to get out of debt. But don’t recklessly create more. More tips coming next Friday! Stay tuned!

Spend well ~QC Supermom

debt cross

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