Thankful 365

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 28 2013
This year has been amazing. With so many ups, downs and opportunities, there is so much to be thankful for. And yes, I’m talking about more than what you may or may not be cooking on next Thursday. Although that is just as important.


I am thankful for many things. These are my top 4:

1. My health. I know that if I am in total health, I can get just about everything I need.I’m so thankful for knowing better and the will to do better. Now if I can just get off this couch to exercise!

2.My family and friends.Everyone is here. Meaning we haven’t lost anyone from last year. We have been blessed with a group of strong, progressive, sweet spirits too! We are down to one automobile,but still no complaints here. As the car auctions is cleverly disguise as dates, I am certain we’ll come up with something when the time is right.

 at wedding

Serena, former consultant & 9 month pregnant Kelle, QC Supermom

3. Nature. I love it all. The cold, hot and everything in between.It has been raining here pretty heavy. Guess what, I laid in bed and listened to the natural soothing sounds….. with 4 little handsome boys right beside me. (I guess they said, if you refuse to get up, we’ll come lay with you.)

4. My challenges.If not for them, how would I be able to value the pleasant things? There is a lesson in everything. As they say, no rain, no rainbow. Everything has not worked out as I would have like, but I choose to count it all joy. And so should you. There is someone out there praying for your issues, Be thankful!

Let’s Catch a bird! ~QC SupermomBNcouraged

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