4 Cyber Monday Deals for moms

It’s Cyber Monday evening and I didn’t shop one bit!

They said that more than half of Americans — 58.3 percent — started shopping in October, when holiday promotions hit the Internet, according to the National Retail Federation’s holiday consumer spending survey

Personally,if I had to shop, online would be my chosen method. As I loathe the actual routine of brick and mortar shopping with or without the children.


You have to determine which store(s) to go to based on the sales or promotions. Get the kids dressed. Stop by the gas station.

Then once you made it through the traffic, you’ll have to find a parking space, unlock all of the car seats, and form a partner based line, well, at least I have too. Then, make it to the store, try on stuff, put it back to find something else……. gosh the idea of it all is daunting!

Heaven forbids you have to change a pamper, need a bathroom break, or even worse leave your card/wallet in the car. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,

“Cyber Shopping Please!”

When you shop online, your options are endless.

Price Comparisons

How many times have you been a store getting ready to make a major purchase wishing you knew whether you were getting the best deal?  We all wonder if another store carries the same item for a better price and, with online shopping, it’s easy to pull up several sites at once and compare pricing.  This gives you the power to choose the best bargain without the hassle of even leaving home. Places likePriceGrabber and Google Shopping allow you to easily search and see the lowest prices.

Ratings and Reviews

Does this rice cooker really double as a slow cooker?  Will this bed frame be wobbly or is it sturdy?  What happens to this comforter when you put it in the washing machine?  We all wonder about the quality of the items we are about to buy but, with the internet, we can seek out the opinions of fellow consumers by looking at the ratings and reviews for a specific product which allows us to make informed decisions. Most websites have customer reviews built right into their product descriptions.

Verifying Availability

With online shopping, you can literally spend 10 minutes checking the availability of certain items and, if they are sold out, put yourself on a list to be notified when it is in stock.Cool!!!!!!

Huge Selection

When shopping online you have a wider selection to choose from. Also, there are so many online stores to choose from.

Well of course I’m adding a few of my favorites!

1. Avon – They have everything. I recently started selling it myself. My goal is to take my family on a cruise. e have never had a vacation that included all 10 of us. I figure I can meet this goal in two years. My husband will be so surprised that I’m doing it myself.

Have you ever tried it? Avon is know mostly for it’s beauty and personal care line. I love the cute customized bath robes as well as other household, and personal care items.av

2. Solavei – It’s on Boost Mobiles Network. The service is great. It’s great that you get a opportunity to make money too. Feel free to click either of the links posted.

3. My friend over at Addi-Baby Tutu Boutique has the most adorable baby and home decor line. Shes a great mom  creating incredible, useful things! Click the picture of the tu-tu below to check her out.


4. Jabela, the doula sells gift cards for her services, belly castings, diaper cakes,lactation cookies, and other new mom friendly offerings. why a doula

Need more reasons to burn the midnight oil to shop online?

Online Exclusive Deals

Many retailers offer huge online deals and discounts, often to empty their warehouses for the next shipment.

No Lines

Waiting in line is dreadful, It’s worse around the holiday season.  Not only are the lines long but shoppers are busy, pushy and cranky.

Digital Proof of Purchase

Have you ever lost your receipt and ended up stuck with something that was damaged or the wrong size?  With online shopping you have proof of the entire transaction saved on your computer.  Nice right?

Right now, it’s just 7pm. You still have time to snag a good deal. What deals have you taken advantage of already?

Buy Avon, switch to Solavei online for Cyber Monday! ~QC Supermom



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