Friday Four: There is always something happening in the QC!

ffOn any given day in Charlotte, there is something going on. Just today while out running errands proved to be of the most amazing one for me yet.  We never had as much activity in South Carolina. I moved to North Carolina about 15 years ago with my job.  In man ways, its a great thing, in others it’s just plain awful. Today was a mixture of both.

This Friday was one for the books I won’t forget it for a long time: bmh

1. My daughter won movie and music tickets. For To pick them up, I had to go to the DSCI0004 DSCI0005

Mrs Vonetta Smith

Mrs Vonetta Smith

CBS Radio office.I saw  Vonetta from Power 98 in action. I listen to the radio so seldom, but after meeting this sweet lady, I think I’ll tune in more often. She is on air from 10- 2pm  I’ll cal them Monday to let Danny Diaz know the link to the sound track didn’t work. 😦

2. As I traveled through downtown, I passed 4th Street an seen that there was a movie being shot .I wonder if my Impala got in the shot? I slowed down hoping that it would. Then I could tell the world that my twice rebuilt Impala lives on!

3.  As I turned onto Beatties Ford Rd.I seen a car accident. The other car T-Boned the other one. Thank goodness everyone was ok.

4. A little further up the road was the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. I rolled up at the end of a shooting. This was the worst! Another senseless crime. All I could think of was my incredible 5 sons. I hope that they continue to stay on a hopeful path in life.

Shaken, not Stirred ~QC Supermom

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