Date Night with the Vet: The Best Man Holiday

Christmas Eve Edition:

I finally got to see it! The Best Man Holiday. It was absolutely beautiful. Every single moment of it. I was able to talk my husband into going with me. Man did he kick the first 2 weeks I asked him to come along. “It’s a chic flick” he says. “I’m gonna go see a different movie.” I wore him down.

The Trailer: The Best Man Holiday     tbm

In the movie one of the wives was dying of cancer. Even with all of that money, a loving – faithful husband, humongous house, incredible friends, perfect children, and the best treatments, there was no earthly healing. 

There is no way anyone can “prepare” for the death of a loved one. I know this first hand. I couldn’t prepare for 11 year old daughter that cold morning in Chapel Hill no matter how hard I prayed for a different outcome or for my mom. Even when she mentioned how unfair it was for everyone to leave her in the hospital. I remember her trying leave but couldn’t make it to the room’s door. This movie demonstrated the denial, anger, faith, pain, surrender, and hope that  one goes through during times like this. I couldn’t grab a napkin/ or sleeve because I was to busy regulating my own emotional roller coaster. As it was all too familiar.

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When ever secondary education colleagues reunite subsequent to 15 numerous years during the Party excursions, they are willing to explore in what way convenient it happens to be for the purpose of long-forgotten rivalries not to mention romances to always be ignited.

Another part of the movie that I thought was a perfect reflection of real life was the timing of pregnancy. I remember hiding my last few pregnancies. Can you believe that I once considered being a “Fertile Myrtle” was less than a blessing?

Now about that cat fight, raunchy house party, back stabbing among brothas,the interracial dating, and talent show…….. I won’t ruin the movie experience for you by sharing. Let’s just say, there is NOTHING like unconditional love of a crazy bunch of friends and family. The entire cast was incredible.

Go see or download it today!

My husband, not Anthony Hamilton, but my real life one now thinks he can delivers babies…… Go figure!

You can watch a bit of it here. In closing, yes you can turn a  $%#^# into a housewife. (I’m just joking on that one folks!)

Have a fantastic holiday week.

~QC Supermom

(Thank You Fandango for the tickets in order to review this movie.)

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