Friday Four: Be like Toothpaste (in the the tube)

Your Thoughts are Inside, but Behavior is Not

D and cassie
I often tell my children that “Your thoughts are private, but behavior is public.”  You can think whatever you want to think, but the minute you let your thoughts out of your head, they become public information. Often times they need a visual to help explain it.


Toothpaste Squirt

Grab a small tube of toothpaste & a small plate. Choose one child to come forward and squirt all of the toothpaste onto the plate. (My smaller boys help with this part)  Then I ask if he/she can put all of the toothpaste back into the tube.

Here’s what to say after the visual:

  1. Explain that once the toothpaste comes out of the tube, you cannot get it all back in.  This is much like a put-down or rude comment.  Once a put-down comes out of my mouth and goes into your ears, I cannot take it back.
  2.   Go onto explain that for each put-down a person hears, they must hear 5 or more  sincere compliments to get back to where they were emotionally prior to the put down.
  3. Reiterate that thoughts are private, but behavior is public and the next time you think about giving a put down, think again and screw your lid to your toothpaste tube tight!
  4. Ask them to if it has ever happen to them and how did they feel.

One of the most important skills that we can teach our children to help them succeed in life, is the ability to get along with Kwanzaa To do that, it takes a village. If we fail, the rest of the world will let us know, and our kids will be subjected to a life of ridicule, isolation, and despair. As a mother… I am my children’s teacher and coach! I try my best to model politeness and keeping things positive!

~QC Supermom

This weekend in the QC, here are some options to find that help.

This weekend & more in Charlotte NC:
Let the kids learn to use their hands to build something~FREE at The Home Depot – University (it will be FREE at ANY location)
If YOU could use a role model/help w/your son- check out “Let Us Make Man”. Gifts packages to the first 10 mothers.
refreshments -door prizes -sign your son up today! FREE here!FREE Belly dancing class coming up THIS Saturday at Dancers Stage 

Friends and Family CPR is coming up. Register TODAY to secure your spot!
We are planning an out of the norm fun, family friendly Valentines Day party with Big Sister and Cassie’s Sweetz. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet for that and get ready to spread the word!
Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

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