1st Emergency Family Apparel Drive

I’m getting rid of it all and Stacee is helping! given

Before I go too deep. Here’s my disclosure-

I am NOT a Hoarder. I just have alot of good stuff that I might need later or will hold till someone special needs it.

Over the years I’ve had many friends help me purge my collection of goodies. Serena and TIP Jones were my favorite helpers of all time, even if they infuriated me so much that I wanted to either kick them out or unfriend them on Facebook.

I started with a simple email to my friends.I asked:

Would be able to participate in a emergency winter apparel drive today & tomorrow?

The (beautiful & single) lady that opened her spot up for the Total Children’s Wellness Fair is agreeing to host it. The address is 500 W. 32nd St.

She keeps kids after school from the shelter and noticed that some of them are lacking. I know that I have a pile  just waiting for a good home.  So the plan is to collect, invite and distribute with apple cider and playtime for the kids. Your help can be in ANY capacity you choose. LITERALLY.  Let’s go for  good items past coats & blankets. For example, hats, gloves, tights, scarves…… What do you think you can do?

I’ve even came up with ideas to make it fun. For you entrepreneurs: donate a small item under $20 & we’ll give you a nice media mix AND  501c tax exempt receipt. For other givers,we’ll give

  •  a prize for the heaviest contribution, to encourage “spring-cleaners” to donate as much as possible
  • a prize awarded at random for any contribution, no matter how small, to encourage used clothing donations from as many participants as possible
  • a prize for specialty items like baby snow suits, button down sweaters. etc.

We will be collecting till Saturday morning. So far we have secured


BeYond The Arts- 4 vouchers to attend youth art class at the Last Word or Earth Fare Ballentyine.

Andertons Barber Shop – 4 free hair cuts

Green Sprouts –  4 free bottle adapters

AND the Grand Prize a brand new Radio Flyer Ziggle

Radio Flyer Ziggle

Radio Flyer Ziggle

Of course our list will grow by you joining in. Homeless people and low income families need all types of gently used clothing, particularly warm clothes and coats for cold weather. It’s helpful if donated clothing is clean, reasonably wrinkle-free, and on hangers.


I will be donating:

Hand knitted Hats             Snow suits for babies          Long sleeve onesies     Boys long johns                                Warm pants, you know the ones with the lining.

Ok, now go through your stuff. There’s not much time. You know that stuff you hold on to for the right person. My husband is excited that all of these things will be getting out of the house. What do you have to give? We will be hosting online raffles for products and services as a way for anyone to participate. Head over to QC Supermom for participation and details.

Let’s keep unwanted stuff out the landfills and help people that really needs it.

Get Involved!

Donate new or used clothing. Bring your clean, gently used clothing to the A New Vision CDC 500 W. 32nd St. Charlotte NC

We are accept donations of GENTLY used shoes, coats, jackets, hair accessories, feel good items – in addition to any other items associated with getting dressed and ready for the day.

From now till Saturday morning at 8am ( 01. 11. 14)

Questions? Call Stacee Ashe (704) 502-6384

This guy was singing for a donation at the stop sign. I appreciated that!

This guy was singing for a donation at the stop sign. I appreciated that!

Help spread the word. Let your friends and family know that we’re giving donated items directly to the people who need it most. Share this blog post!How-to-recycle-Clothes


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