Friday Four: Our $200 trip for 8 to Durham NC

photo (6)

Crown Rent A Car: 704-247-9002 ask for Joy
5923 Orr Road Charlotte, NC 2821

This week we went on our 1st family trip to Durham, N.C. to see my oldest son play basketball. He attends Hampton University.  They played North Carolina Central University, another Historically Black College and University (HBCU).  Our young sons were excited about the idea of seeing their brother in action. The girls were happy to get out of Charlotte (the QC). Between my husband & it was combination of the both. Our biggest challenge was what we would drive.  Our van burned up a few months ago. FAST FORWARD- we found a wonderful company that rented us a nice minivan that everyone was able to ride legally and comfortably.

Here are some of the pictures from the day. MOM jervonAs I Look at these images, my heart affirms the blessings that comes in having children. I never imagined how wonderful it is to have such a big family. Totally worth the money we spent. I only hope that we secure another mini van soon. I can’t wait to see him in action again.

photo 2 photo 1

As it ended, Hampton lost, by 8 points or so. No, I didn’t keep score. The younger boys & I were to busy being cheerleaders. Without a doubt, it was worth the trip. The NCCU band was incredible. I learned a few moves from the dance team, and the competitive spirit of both school alumni was catchy.  I was even able to throw in a lesson plan for the girls. Watching my son in his element was a humble moment. To share it all with my dad, aunt, and cousins PRICELESS! photo 1

Here’s what we spent:

  • Minivan for $119.00 Thanks CROWN RENTAL on Orr Road. Ask for Joy, she’s wonderful.
  • $50 in gas
  • $40 in food for the day ( we packed sandwich, fruit and boxed juices).
  •  We got the tickets for free. (Each player gets 4 personal tickets per game.)

Stay dry ya’ll!

~QC Supermom, one humbled yet proud mama!photo 2

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